Track By Track – Slumlord Radio – “Too Pretty For Tijuana”


Track by Track is written by the artist giving us insight into their work. Today we feature the new album “Too Pretty For Tijuana” by Slumlord Radio…rock ‘n’ roll time kids…

Slumlord Radio – “Too Pretty For Tijuana”

The Slumlord Radio boys decided to cap off 2015 with a new album entitled “Too Pretty For Tijuana”. On Honyock/Silver Maple Kill Reords. It’s a good old hoedown of punk n roll/fuzzy stoner action rock. Big pounding shot of a cannon drums, loud delightful crunchy/fuzzy big riffs, throbbing baselines, whiskey & nicotine gruff yet silky smooth vocals.

Intro – This cowboy narration begins the saga, laying the groundwork for lays ahead. It’s about a one armed pimp, huffing paint, and Clint Eastwood? A great start to the “concept album”.

Bullwhip – Well this catchy jam, is basically about missing youth. It’s about being so into your first love that you’d run away to Texas, join a cult. Or maybe you’d just go to Fort Wayne, IN and crash out a hotel there. Also just touches upon the imagination you used to have when you were a kid, Indiana Jones too! Big rock song, punk edge, with a gnarly heavy bridge, handclaps, etc. what else could you ask for?
If you go on YouTube you can check out video (filmed in China/earning the band a lifetime ban.) for this song.

Debanior Dolemite – Being a big fan of comedian Rudy Ray Moore this is a tribute of sorts to his “Dolemite” character. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but with this rock jam we try to make you dance your way through it. It’s like spinning donuts in an old Family Video parking lot. Fuzzy beefy guitars to boot, Wowza!

Southpaw -This dirty ditty, starts out with a
a “Temple of Doom” jazzy interlude, before stomping into a mud hole. Just a groovy fuzzy jam, about how you can win’ em all. Also talks about the struggles of being left handed in a right handed world. Alittle showboating about showing Balboa’s lady what a “real man looks like”. Big ol’ drum rolls and some fat bass to boot.

Intermission – Time to go the lobby and get ourselves a snack.

– Funky, raw, punky rowdy rock. The band is comprised of former over the road truckers, turned Swedish Male Models. This song illustrates the pressures of both industries. It’s tough being pretty. Also about lovely ladies breaking stuff.

Choke 66
– A somber moment of sorts, a comedown to all the rowdy times. Still features all the Slumlord Radio classic elements, along with some new delightful embellishments. Nice break in the action with a clean melodic chorus before diving feet first into the deep end. Just about sometimes it feels like you have to pay for the good times.

Fort Knox – This wild ride is a love song of sorts. Just about being willing to give up everything for the one you miss. It tries to be fancy but still resides in the rock gutter. It is a twisty, turny jam that will have your head nodding and your foot tapping. It kicks out of the gate like jumping out of a plane with Bodhi, shouting “Utah, grab me two!” Bull in a china shop punk/stoner vibe.

Outro/Conclusion – Tieing up all the loose ends. Still bringing the old Western vibe, this one will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

Slumlord Radio:

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