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Today we feature Riley Moore. What I like about “Track by Track” is that this is all about the music. Everything except this is written by Riley Moore giving us a little insight into his art. So give a listen to this excellent EP, and be sure to share with your friends .

I started writing songs as a teenager because I thought it was cooler than learning other people’s songs. Since then, I’ve written more than I’ll ever find or remember, but I felt the time had come to make very basic recordings of a few of them. I believe it is good to share what we create with other people so I want as many people as possible to take these and listen.

Bob Dylan, The Tallest Man on Earth, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, Johnny Cash

“The Wildest Thing” from World’s Greatest Human by RILEY MOORE. Released: 2015. Track 1 of 3.

“Silver and Gold” from World’s Greatest Human by RILEY MOORE. Released: 2015. Track 2 of 3

“World’s Greatest Human” from World’s Greatest Human by RILEY MOORE. Released: 2015. Track 3

The Wildest Thing – I wrote the lyrics to this song in about 20 minutes during a free-coffee Friday at my local Chick-fila. It is a song about self-examination–where are you putting your focus in life and is that where you ought to continue putting your focus? Some things matter, other things don’t.

Silver and Gold – I often refer to this as “my saddest song.” I think that when parents are selfish and do selfish things with their lives, it wrecks stability and trust for their children. I’ve seen this happen in the lives of some close friends–it is a terrible and sad thing that should be avoided. So I wrote things about it.

World’s Greatest Human – A song about the end of a relationship between two people who don’t hate each other. I wanted to write a “break-up song” that wasn’t filled with bitterness and indifference, but acknowledges that you still think that person is a wonderful, wonderful human and you truly, truly wish them the best wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Riley Moore:
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