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Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – ” “Taqueria” by Jubilo Drive
All Text written by Jubilo Drive:

(J=Jordan, E=Eric, Hay=Hayden, Hen=Henry)

1. Pirate’s Cove
-the last song that was written before recording Taqueria (J)
-Guitar parts were recorded in a kitchen (J)
-Used some kind of organ in this one right? (E)
-I wrote this about some really heavy things in my head at the time (Hay)
-I actually wrote this long before I introduced it to the band, so Jordan is only half right, ha (Hay)
-favorite song to play live (hen)

2. Rosa
-Came about during a drug store run (J)
-Feat 12 string guitar (J)
-Written while I was abroad, had to learn it when I got back (E)
-Rosa represents my old Yamaha acoustic guitar with flowers on the pickguard – shout out to my uncle Henry Tirre for giving me one of the most important pieces of my song-writing kit (Hay)

3. Hidden In Plain Sight
-Inspired by sneaking weed into Coachella (J)
-^i remember my first beer (hen)
-used clav and synth (J)
-good time writing and finding the rhythm with this one and fun recording the dueling guitar parts with Jordan (Hen)
-What does the title refer to again? (E)
-I’m proud of the bassline during the chorus, it must be one of my favorites to play (Hay)
-I used some studio trickery I picked up from old teachers to make the keyboards sound the way I wanted them to, one of my personal highlights as the producer (Hay)

4. Strong Island
-Music was from my HS days, lyrics came years later (J)
-Many takes done for the solo at the end (J)
-Lyrics are about not letting your family’s history define you and going out and making your own story. (J)

5. Jubilo Drive-Thru
-Mics dangeled from SR-22 overpass to capture freeway noises (J)
-Borrowed mic from film school to record neighborhood noises (birds, school yard) (J)
-Brought recording equipment to a party at Henry’s house to capture random dialogue (J)
-Caught a Great Gatsby quote (J)
-The song title came first, then we recorded around the concept (J)
-Shoutout to Omega Drive In in Orange for the “Can I help you?” (E)
-Credit to Gary Eakins for teaching me about polyrythms, this whole piece revolves around a 2/3 beat (Hay)
-This one is in 8/4 time (Hay)
-I got to flex my DAW/electronic music muscles on this one; I’m proud of how different it is than the other tracks (Hay)
-I laugh like a goon several times in this one (Hay)
-Also stoked to play saxophone on a track FINALLY (Hay)

6. You Ain’t Dead Yet
-another top favorite of mine, especially when understanding it’s roots (hen)
-To be honest I don’t recall recording this one that much aside from the back up vocals… (J)
-The hi hat pattern in the intro (1 + a-2 + a-3…) simulates a gallop, leading into the first lyric about getting back on your horse (E).
-I also had to learn this one when I got back (E).
-I wrote this immediately after the owner of the company I worked for at the time fired me. I felt like I needed to prove them wrong, so I wrote an ode to doing your own damn thing all time, and being stoked on it (Hay)
-Space cowboys on the endless plains, or something… (Hay)

7. Ocean
-love this one for the Erie bridge (hen)
-First track recorded (J)
-My guitar whammy broke during a take, resorted to jamming a screwdriver in to use on chorus chords (J)
-Lyrics might need an explanation, OR could just be left as vague as they are because I kind of liked how Zack thought it was about murdering a lady. (E)
-This track sounds pretty cool production wise- I’m really proud of the work I did as far as the guitar tones and overall feel (Hay)

8. Radio
-Older song from Redwood days (J)
-I wrote this after a long night of sipping stolen wine with a fine young woman that never ended up touching my butt, so there you go. She and I are still cool though, so that’s nice. Good memories (Hay)

9. Ichiban
-About distancing oneself from religious institutions, the first time of awareness. (J)
-Titled before we debuted it during our freshman year on Chapman Radio. (J)
-“ichi, ako, ni, san” is Japanese gibberish (J)
-I took Shotokun in elementary school, and almost remembered the numbers – it translates to “one, two, [Surname], three.” Whomp whomp (Hay)

The whole album was almost lost because the external hard drive all the stems were stored on crashed. Luckily it was recovered.
-I have a horrible memory (hen)

Jubilo Drive:


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