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Today we feature Queen of Jeans from Philadelphia Pa. I don’t comment often here , but I have to tell you that Queen of Jeans is a band that you are going to want to give a proper listening to. This is fantastic for a debut EP, hell it would be cool if this was their third album. The vocals and harmonies are this side of lush/beautiful and are guaranteed to melt the ice off of your winter day .This is a band that I’m glad we are bringing to you and as always……Track by Track is written by the Artists giving us insight into their latest work.

Dance (Get Off Your Ass) – Dance is one of those songs that just comes on out of nowhere, and it was probably the easiest song on the EP to write — and I don’t know what the says about me, because I wrote it almost as a joke for Matheson’s amusement. I sent her a short demo with just the first verse & chorus, but she liked it so much she encouraged me to finish the song. I think the lyrics speak for themselves in terms of what this story is all about, and I guess in a way the reason I wrote it is reflective – I was trying to win someone over.

Pup – Just your average love song, all about how you discover things about yourself while being completely and utterly paralyzed in infatuation, how loving someone can cause you to do and feel things you wouldn’t normally feel (good or bad), how you challenge each others’ emotions and grow from this. Or it’s about my dog.

Rollerdyke – Rollerdyke is a song about petty drunken fighting and how it can pull people apart the longer the underlying issue goes unresolved. Adulting is hard, y’all.

Wont You – This song is about wanting someone that’s taken and struggling over whether it’s wrong to feel that way or to go after them. So I suggest you just write a song about it and send it to them, cause that worked for me.

Moody – A song about self loathing in a way, trying to shed those multiple personalities or acts you put on around certain people, and the steps you take in search of true happiness and self acceptance.

Waffles & Mad Men – This song on the other hand is about self love and not letting fear or insecurities get in your way of loving yourself and the world around you. It’s about wanting and allowing yourself the best happiness.

Queen Of Jeans:

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