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From our friends at King Pizza Records today we feature the new LP “The Seeker” by Psychiatric Metaphors” This is an excellent album full of killer psych vibes. And if you’re looking to start December , jamming to some cool tunes…pull up a seat . and as always from this point on, all text is from the band…

All songs written and recorded by Sam Taylor

The Seeker:
The Seeker is a being that lives inside all of us. Hiding in the darkness of your mind, waiting for the moment you allow yourself to hear his song. When the music fills your head you must then decide, will you answer to his call?

The witches head. A feeling in your bones that leads to violent hallucinations. She is near. This song is “Black and White” inspired, thank you Andrew Savage.

In Time:
This one is the struggle of too much, but not enough time. When we think we have time our process slows down, people move on, panic ensues, time hurts, and time heals.

Ear Wurm:
I have had dreams of a parasite entering my brain and taking control of everything. This terrible thought led to one of the worst visions/dreams I’ve ever had. Indescribable, psychedelic nightmares that reached to the far corners of my mind. Nothing is the same. Side note: I made this song after I saw/heard Wand for the first time ever live.

The Sloth:
The Sloth is me, but it’s hard describe what I can’t see.

What If She is Listening?
This is a true story. My neighbor who lived below me and my girlfriend in Jersey City broke into our 4th floor apartment through the window, attempting to kill my girlfriend, all while I was on tour. The girl wasn’t arrested and was let go, leaving us in a state of constant paranoia and anxiety for 2 months until we moved out of Jersey City.

Golden Delusion
A golden haze makes anything look good, even bad memories of times past. Gazing back you can feel like things were ok, until you remember how you actually felt. The golden haze can hide the worst of your sorrows, but not for long.

Venez A Moi
I’ve always had an interest in the French language and music, so why not make a song? Dedicated to Jaque Dutronc and Rock & Roll.

Elvis (Drugs)
This is the real story of Elvis. What you know is a lie. The media has brainwashed you. You must believe. Drug fueled killing sprees with Gypsy Queens high on LSD.

Empathetic Oblivion
This song has a lot of personal meaning, half of which probably only makes sense in my mind, but nonetheless I don’t think this one can be explained. Listen to the music, Interpret as desired.

Psychiatric Metaphors:
King Pizza Records



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