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Track by Track is written by the Artists giving us a little insight into their latest work. Today we feature Dead Boy Robotics from Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of the first tracks written for New Cells. The Police and Foals were definitely an influence when writing this one. It starts with a vocal loop, reminiscent of our first album, fading up before the guitar, bass and drums kick in. We felt it was a good song to introduce listeners our latest sound and direction.
Originally titled ‘Bathysphere’s Last Descent’. It’s dark pop song about a scientist possessed by a malevolent entity, building a steampunk-esque vessel, for exploring the deepest oceans. We’ve been told it sounds like Big Country.

Second promotional song from the album. It has dark, bass heavy, dancey verses that lead into soaring choruses, with a fret-busy bridge and a nu-metal-esque breakdown thrown in for good measure. Lyrics convey an image of a lone cosmonaut orbiting the earth.

Not Parade

Has a ridiculous bass riff that’s really hard to play live! Definite Battles vibe to this one. Kind of nonsensical lyrics.

First single off the album. Arrival originally had a more complex song structure, which we couldn’t quite get to work in the practice room. We dropped the original verses, and the middle eight ended up becoming the verses in the final version. The lyrics paint the picture of a dystopian future landscape.

The last track demoed for the album. It’s a simple three minute guitar song with a catchy repetitive riff and catchier chorus. The lyrics were written about an hour before recording the vocals, so they’re very cut and paste.

New Cells
The title track and slow burn centrepiece of the album. It has a quiet/loud dynamic throughout that starts with an electronic sample and ends in a loud distorted crescendo. You can hear the Deftones circa Koi No Yokan influence in this song.

A favourite from New Cells, and great fun to play live. We usually end the set with Rise. It has tight guitar and bass interplay in the verses and huge driving choruses. To me, the lyrics are about man unlocking the secrets of the universe to become gods.

Originally titled ‘And the Next Thing i’m Breaking Bones’, a line taken from a Ralph Garman impression. One of the earliest tracks written for the album. It’s about being caught in the monotony of routine.

Another song written early on for New Cells. The instrumentation is simple and sparse, with a drum machine taking place of a real kit. Themes of paranoia pepper the lyrics.

Originally titled ‘Going Down With the Ship But the Ship is a Planet’. It’s basically a demo, so almost didn’t make it onto the album, but we liked the chorus and felt it was a good song to close the album. It’s since been re-worked for live and we’re going to re-record it in all it’s skull-crushing glory in 2016.

Dead Boy Robotics:

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