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Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – Today we Feature Luna Rosa

The Fire Inside: This song was wrote one day when i got angry reading through the newspapers. I was just looking at all the injustice in this country and how it all stemmed from the top. Corruption and greed ruling over the people like the plague. I wanted to write a tune that would ignite the fire in peoples belly’s so they’d rise up and make a change

Fever: This is our single from the E.P. Originally this song was just a middle 8 in another song, but the groove was too much. We chopped and changed some things, watched some David Attenborough got some lyrics down and we had our song. This is probably the quickest song we’ve ever done.

This One (High On The Groove): This has to be one of our favorites to play live. Its loud, its non stop and its fun to play. Big guitars and big drums, with no brakes to give you time to think. It gets people dancing and singing wherever we go, and when we refer to it as “This One” it can cause a lot of confusion, which is always funny.

Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here: As a band i think this is one of all our favorites. Its just a commentary on where we live; the grey streets, the drugs, the crime, the general mundane day to day factory working life. Although the lyrics can be dark, its an uplifting song about the struggle and want for better.

Aura In Bloom: This song is a bit of a change to the rest. Its got a nice relaxed feeling until we hit the chorus. the music is weaved around the lyrics so they’re the main focus point. It started of as a poem then we added a chorus and the song was born.

Coming up: While everyone was milling about in the studio, we decided just to lay this track down quickly. I didn’t know they were recording, i played the song once just as a practice. But it ended up being the final version of the song, you wont notice the mistakes, because they’re all good mistakes.

Luna Rosa:

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