Track by Track – Light Years, Dark Years by Plum


my two cents….this is some pretty rockin stuff ….

Vintage Rock & Roll

Sounds Like: The Kinks, The Strokes, Cream, Ty Segall

Denver, CO

Release Date: 12/11/2015

Kyle Emerson Miller (Guitar/Vox)
Jake Supple (Bass/Drums/Vox)
Ty Baron (Guitar/Keys)

Self Recorded//Self Released

Bio: Like an old kaleidoscope pointed at the present, Plum is a psychedelic rock n’ roll outfit that bridges together the aesthetic of 60’s and early 70’s music to a modern context. Velvet vocals, hallucinatory harmonies, and prismatic guitars create soundtracks for daydreams. Formed in late 2014 Plum’s members came together with the ambition of filling the void of vocal harmony and vintage guitar in modern music.

all text from Plum

Light Years, Dark Years (Ty Baron): The initial inspiration for the feel of this one came from a trip to New York. It was kind of a manifestation of the feeling of being out there amongst other things that were going on in our lives at the time. We were all living pretty heavy at this period in particular which kind of comes across in the song. The song was more of just a vibe or idea and some disjointed parts at first but seemed to come together fluidly with some really collaborative writing sessions.

Cosmic Vice (Kyle Emerson Miller): Cosmic Vice’s main riff came to me while I was visiting my parents in Ohio. I didn’t think much of it until I was back in Denver. I did a demo of it and we ended up keeping the original demo arrangement for the final, which is a rare thing for us. The lyrics were the last thing to take form and they have a bit of a different theme to the rest of the EP, which I like.

Drip & Love is in the Air (Jake Supple):
Drip, and Love is in the air: The songs wrote themselves; I was just lucky in the sense that I was available when these songs were ready to come out. That’s how these songs were written initially, very stream of consciousness. The band really brought them to fruition in a way that shows both individuality and self-expression, as well as staple group tendencies that are key components to whether or not we keep a song in the final catalogue.

Hypnagaga (Kyle Emerson Miller): Lyrically, Hypnagaga was inspired by some hypnagogic hallucinations I was having in 2015, and musically, it was written and demoed at the same time as Cosmic Vice. There were 3 separate parts initially that I combined to make the original arrangement and then was worked on pretty extensively by the band until it got to the version you hear on the EP.


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