Track by Track “Life’s A Gift ” by Groovy Uncle & Suzi Chunk

lifes a gift

I started “Track by Track” a few months ago to give the artist a chance to tell us a little something about their new Album. This has turned out to become what I enjoy reading the most and going forward “Track by Track” will become the majority of what I will be posting. After 2 years of talking about why I like an album or a Band , I’m more interested in what they have to say, so a little less from me and more from the Band. Today , I’m major pumped to be putting this up. I love this band and every thing they do, this shit gives me goosebumps, it’s that good. The music and vocals are killer and if you don’t like this as much as me, it’s doubtful that we could be friends.

With thanks to Suzi Chunk and Glenn Prangnell

from : Glenn Prangnell

1- Your Tiny Mind

“I wanted to write a punchy opener for the album. Something with a bit of a Motown feel that would instantly make people want to dance. I even sneaked “northern soul” into the lyrics. Great horn section by John Littlefair, Paul Jordanous and Anna Jordanous with some lovely extra backing vocals from Katie May Gillbert.”

2-My Destination

“This was influenced by The Monkees, Michael Nesmith in particular. One of those ‘train/movin on’ type songs. Nice banjo and slide guitar courtesy of Pete Mathison.”

3- Waiting For You

“Two versions of this on the album. A sexy, sultry take from Suzi and a more blokey one from me. Don’t really know where this tune came from but it came easily and was a lovely one to record. Me and Mole doing bv’s here.”

4- Life’s A Gift

“A hooky little number featuring electric sitar, backwards guitar, 3 part harmonies and an uplifting chorus. What’s not to like! Should appeal to your inner hippy, hey-ho!”

5- My Precious Time

“My attempt at writing Suzi her very own ‘This Boy’ (one of her favourite Beatles tunes). It sounds quite ‘old school’ and it’s a tune I’m very fond of in all its 3 part harmony loveliness.”

6-Married To The Captain Of The Team

“I wrote this years ago when David and Victoria Beckham got married so it’s hardly topical but it’s a fun song and I wanted it on the album”. Spot the references, folks!”

7- Joni’s Birthday

“Written some years ago when my friends’ daughter was a toddler, the lyrics refer to the cute things she’d say and do at that age- ‘playing shops’ with ‘mental (lentil) tins’ etc- so the song wrote itself really. Acoustic guitar and knee slapping from me, obviously inspired by McCartney’s ‘Blackbird’.”

8- You Fell For It

“A song from my days in Goodchilde which we recorded but never released. I resurrected it for this album for Suzi and she really gives a blinding performance. Fuzzy and loud!”

9- Back To Me

“I do like a samba tune and Suzi sings them so beautifully. This is another song that came easy.”

10- This I Can’t Get Away With

“A dark folky thing featuring me and producer Jim Riley (on Bodhran drum), recording this was a nice way to spend an afternoon, for sure.

11- It’s What You Do

“I started out trying to write one of those catchy late sixties, early seventies ear worms- ‘Build Me Up, Buttercup’ or whatever. I gave up and wrote this instead.”

12- Tea And Cake

“Everyone likes a cuppa and a good ol’ knees up, dont they! Don’t they?? Nice one, no sugar!”

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