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“Track By Track” is a series here on 50thirdand3rd where the Bands get to tell us a little bit about the songs on their new Album. It beats the hell out of reading what I think about any of it, although my two cents thrown in , is that I dig this album and have played it more times than I can remember. So listen to this excellent Album, pick it up as soon as you can. The Connection rock and it’s best that you get on board now .

from Rum Bar Records
They’ve been applauded by rock pioneer, visionary, and former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. They’re championed
by E Street legend Little Steven Van Zandt and heard just about every day on the Underground Garage – with 9 singles in heavy rotation, including 5 ” Coolest Songs In The World” . New England’s newest hit-makers The Connection are on a roll…

Geoff Palmer, Brad Marino, and the boys in the band recently hit the studio with legendary punk, rock ‘n’ roll icon, producer, songwriter, and historian Andy Shernoff of the Dictators. “Labor Of Love” is the soundtrack to the love child of Nick Lowe, Flamin’ Groovies, the Kinks, and Graham Parker stumbling through the Bowery with the swagger of Exile-era Rolling Stones; finishing off the night by passing out on the Ramones’ studio floor.

“Labor of Love” features scorching rockers like “Red White And Blue”; punk-rock ravers like “Don’t Come Back” (featuring resident Riverdale, Cheat, and Mope Dan Vapid on his trademark backup vox); slung-back, beer- swillin’ tales of the road like “Let The Jukebox Take Me”; and the Connection’s trademark jangly garage- power- pop of “Circles” and “Good Things”. Packing a one/two punch in under 30 minutes, “Labor of Love” is jammed with 10 soon-to-be-new classics that all the mods AND the rockers will be screaming for.


released 23 June 2015


1.LABOR OF LOVE- This song really says it all about being in an ‘indie rock n roll” band in 2015. This one was mostly Geoff’s, I helped fill in some lyrics. But I really dig the message and I’m a fan of self depreciating humor and I think the song is an honest view about bands like us. Or some bands who think they’re bigger than they really are.

2.SO EASY- Geoff sent me a demo of the slide riff and the first verse one day and I just thought it was great the moment I heard it. I wrote the 2nd and 3rd verse and the bridge a few days later cuz I was so excited to have a song in this style. Its obviously heavily influenced by The Stones. I think the lyrics are pretty badass and I love the slide and the Open G-“Keef” tuning. Craig also did a killer job on doing a Charlie Watts type beat. I played the bass on this one to.

3.CIRCLES- A couple years back Geoff got a new Gibson SG and this was the first riff he wrote on it. When he showed me the riff one day I pretty much wrote the chorus “I keep running around in circles..” on the spot. So we had this awesome riff and awesome chorus but we were almost scared to mess those up by writing the rest of the song. So it took a couple years to piece this one together. I’m happy with the final result as its one of our catchiest songs. Geoff also plays a killer bass on this tune too.

4.YOU AINT SPECIAL- This one’s obviously about a girl. I think Geoff had someone in mind while writing it. Andy Shernoff kept comparing this one to an Arthur Alexander song, which I thought was cool. Andy also lent his Bass playing skills to this track.

5.PATHETIC KIND OF MAN- This is one of my favorites on the record. I wrote this one about some guy who filled in for a couple shows in Europe and got kicked off the tour on the third day for being a baby and yelling at everyone. I had the 12 string riff written for years but never really went anywhere with it. Till I met this guy. I love the lyrical content a lot of it is just quotes from this loser. Its a kind of Ray Davies “well respected man” but the exact opposite.

6.DONT COME BACK- I wrote this one in about 10 minutes one morning while my girlfriend was at work. Geoff gave me his old M-BOX so I could make demos on my computer with drum beats and everything and this was the first one I ever did on the iMac. I wanted to just write a dirty sounding punk rock n roll song like The Boys or The Damned. Its kind of like if The Ramones had Johnny Thunders playing Lead guitar. Dan Vapid from The Riverdales and Methadones did some back up vocals on it.

7.JUKEBOX- I love this song. Its total country, Gram Parson’s/BYRDS “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” type song. Geoff again sent me his demo for it and I was blown away. I’ve always wanted a song like this. The lyrics are amazing and I honestly believe its one of the best songs we’ve written together. It’s just about some guy who never gets out of town, likes to just drink BUD HEAVY’s at his local dive and spin records at night. He loves his hometown and has no plans on leaving. Great classic sounding stuff. Zach Unlces is our resident pedal Steele player.

8.RED WHITE & BLUE- Another that I wrote in one sitting. Just a rock n roll song. Chuck Berry meets the Ramones. I started writing it when that Seymour Hoffman guy OD’d. Its about as political or topical as we get in a song. Just about some of the going-ons in the world at the time.

9.TREAT YOU SO BAD- I started writing this one when on my way to work one day the melody and words “Treat you so Bad” popped into my head. When I got to work I made a little voice memo on my phone in the parking lot. It’s kind of a soul inspired/Elvis Costello maybe Kurt Baker-ish tune. Its not exactly about me or anything but It is sort of “1st person” you could say. At least the line about the Red Sox. (Especially this year)

10. GOOD THINGS- I wrote the riff while watching the 2013 World Series. I write a lot of riffs and lyrics while watching TV. Especially sports. One night me and Geoff were hanging and I was about to leave when I started playing the Riff. It was like 2:30 in the morning and the lyrics just started flowing like all the beer and wine we were drinking. Geoff had the “good things happen to bad people” Chrous written for years and it just fit in perfectly with all the little one liners we used in the verse. Another one that I like the lyrics in because unfortunately it is kind of true. Good things happen to bad people all the time. That’s the way of the world I guess.

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