Track by Track – King of the party by The Surfin Burritos


Track by Track is written by the artist telling us about their latest work and my two cents would be that The Surfin Burritos are one of the coolest garage/surf bands on this planet….

*King of The Party*: We’ve been playing in many parties as a cover band, some were private parties, like weddings (WILD weddings!), anniversaries, biker’s club parties (you don’t wanna know). It’s a weird sensation when you are on a stage seeing all those strangers having a terrific time, you feel like you’re an uninvited guest, but after a while they start to treat you like you’re familiar to them . So you end up mingling, dancing, drinking, and you feel like for a minute or so you are the king of the party! It’s a great sensation! When we did this tune we were hearing a lot of THE HI RISERS, THE KAISERS, BEATLES…so it has a mersey beat groove. Daniel was so happy because finally he could write a song whit the three *holly words* in it: YEH YEH YEH! One of his all time favourite songs is She loves you by THE BEATLES. The words make mention to songs and artists that we used to play at those parties: Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry…When we sing “Gonna play One Note Joe”(Song by the terrific HI RISERS) is because we actually play that song in almost every gig.In fact one part of the solo is an “homage” to the great guitar player of that band, Greg Townson. At the the end, the song is an apology to our girlfriends, because the chorus says: “King of OUR party everynight”, Basically it says: Is a lot of fun to be the Kinf of the party for a minute, but it is much better to be the King of OUR party everynight!

*Devil’s Newsletter*:
It’s a mix of influences: the intro has a bit of THE BEATLES’ “Please Please me”, some folks say it has a ROCKPILE (you know, that english supergroup of the late 70’s with NICK LOWE and DAVE EDMUNDS) vibe (we’re soooo proud of it!). The words talk about a dangerous relationship, that kind of girl that surely will break your heart and you know it, but you’re having such a good time! You accept the risk of having a broken nose because she likes to be noticed and she acts without any kind of filter and says anything she wants in the wrong moments. You act like you are possessed by the devil! (yes, the sex is good) All in all it’s a kind of a joke about old rock and roll and blues songs about evil womans, mojos, etz.

The Surfin Burritos:

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