Track By Track – ” Demon Blues” By Datura4


Pretty sure this is our 3rd post on this album. The reason behind that is that these guys are rocking it , old school and doing it all justice. “Demon Blues” is a solid EP that ought to make best new artists of 2015 lists. I know that will be the case for me , consider me a fan..

Members: Dom Mariani – Vocals & Guitar // Greg Hitchcock – Vocals & Guitar // Warren Hall – Drums // Stu Loasby – Bass
Genre: Rock’n’Roll/Psych/Boogie
Hometown: Fremantle

from Dom
Out With The Tide – the state of the world right now and the unifying power and freedom of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

‘Aint No friend of Mine – about people you don’t want in your life. Hard rock riff, Ramble Tamble wig out.

Another Planet – Sometimes we’re on a different wave length. Dig the walking bass, Byrdsy vocals and spontaneous guitar solos.

The Journey Home – Monolithic riff feels like I’m in The Scientists when I play it. According to Greg it’s about finding love ever after.

Demon Blues – One of the first tunes we jammed on. ‘Turnin’ my blues into black’ – The black dog is lurking around the corner.

Hoonsville – recorded live except for the vocal embellishments. Greg and I duelling guitars like we’re doing burn outs on suburban streets, is part of our Aussie culture.

Pissing Up the Wall – a song about losing it all and drink one’s life away.

Killjoy – Kind of channelling Sabbath here. About people that like to spoil the party.

Gravedigger Man – another tune that I’d already written before the band had started. Sometimes you’re born into a dead end life and that’s all it’s going to be.

Love To Burn – another one Greg’s – from what I can gather – it’s about sex.

Alive Records/ Datura4

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