Track By Track- ” Come On !” by The Blue Dolphins


Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – “Come On !” by The Blue Dolphins

1. Come On!

Is about over coming. Alfonso came up with track during an Art of Living course in which
we learn to breathe well to overcome the stress of life. I came up with the lyric after a
melt down mid album-regarding my tendency to procrastinate. Every time I sing the
song I feel like I can do anything. We hope it has the same effect on the listener. Its a
high energy, singer songwriter, alt pop song.

2. Afraid of Moving On

I (Victoria) started writing this song realizing that I may have moved on physically from a
bad situation but emotionally I was in exactly the same place because I was terrified of
moving on. So this song is the acceptance of that and the resolve to finally really move
on. Alternative Pop, British Soul influenced.

3. If I Could (Dreams)

Alfonso wrote the track first. There is much hope and drive in the music which inspired
the lyric to be about ʻDreamsʼ. In our often cynical world, dreams can seem frivolous or
childish but we believe everyone has a dream in their heart and this dream keeps our
lives moving and growing. It is Pop/rock singer songwriter with a Soul influence.

4. Walking in the Sun

Is a song about falling in love in the summer in California. It is the first song we wrote for
this album, it started as a song we jammed together when we first met and we had to
dig up the recording from a mound of tapes. It is Surf Rock and reggae influenced.

5. Breaking for the Blue

This a Folk Rock/Pop, Singer song writer song. Its about hitting the wall and saying
ʻEnough is enoughʼ! Admit your part, if the relationship no longer serves you, move on
and live the life you want to live.

6. Peace to the World

This is our wish to the world. Peace is achieved by peaceful people, its an inside job
which ripples outside. Inside and outside. It has a Robert Palmer influence, Pop, singer
songwriter with a dash of jazz added.

7. Stars

This songs is about not giving up on a relationship. Its about going through the rocky
times and coming out the other side, triumphant, stronger, wiser and deeper. Its about
ʻtrying againʼ. Style wise its a ballad with IndiePop/Rock and Jazz elements.

8. Wide and Blue Horizons

Is an alt country highlight on the album about finding refuge in nature. Taking a break from the daily grind and just getting out there and getting back in touch.

9. Shelter

Is a tender love song, about aging and needing someone to be by your side. It has a World music flavor with folk and pop rock influences as well.

10. Upon and Above

Is a roots Pop/rock song with a Reggae touch. Its a ballad about keeping love alive and balanced and not messing it up.

11. New Summer

This a true life story of immigrating to California. The reasons, the struggle and the reward (we both immigrated to California). Latin Pop and 70ʼs triumphalism.

12. Pleased to Meet You

This is a pure Alfonso song about meeting me and how sometimes you might be looking for true love in one direction, not realizing its standing right behind you. So watch out! Love could be looking for you and you just donʼt see it. Its the most Rock song of our Roots Pop/Rock world, high energy, great melodic guitar hooks.

13. Sail Away-
Soul Ballad / Punk Pop. This is the two sides of our relationship. The tender, sweet, ʻlovey, doveyʼ and the primal, physical chemistry in one song.

14. Free Fall from Bliss

Is about the death of a long term friendship, the death of love. From the high ʻBlissʼʻcanʼt imagine ever being without youʼ to the total fall out. The style is Jazz/alt Pop


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