Track by Track – “Alone Again At Christmas Time / Independence Days (7″)” by The Pink Tiles


In all my conversations with my youngest son when we talk about what kind of direction he wants his band to head in , we always get back to the idea that whatever it is, he should have fun. The reason I say that , is because after listening to these two songs, you know The Pink Tiles are having fun. I love this kind of pop, just reminds me of some fabulous groups from the 60s’ and 70s’.

all text from the band….
About the release
This Christmas, scrappy-bubblegum- pop outfit, The Pink Tiles (of Melbourne, Australia) release a festive 7″: Alone Again At Christmas Time. A bitter-sweet Xmas pop gem, wrapped up in under 3 minutes, with a B-side as good as the A-side! A limited run, only 150 7” were produced. They’re hand numbered, with cover art by Melbourne tattoo artist TJ Day. It comes complete with crooked labels, and other imperfections, but plays beautifully! This is sure to be an obscure must-have in any serious collection.

A – Alone Again At Christmas Time
The boyfriend of the chief songwriter left town for Christmas and she was left alone at Xmas. The escape from this cold, dark and lonely place was to write a sugary Christmas pop song, that sits alongside the Christmas hits and misses of Slade, The Kinks & The Ramones. Some people who’ve seen the video clip and said it was hilarious, and others have said it was sad. Christmas alone for some people really sucks so if you happen to have a buddy who’s gonna spend it alone & they don’t wanna be on their own, invite them to your party, even if it’s just to take the pressure off you!

B – Independence Days
This song was written shortly after the lonely Christmas. The chief songwriter was not only trapped in a downward spiral of self pity due to loneliness. She was sick. Temporarily sick. Was it Cold? Was it Flu? Hard to say. There was shakes, cold sweats, for days on end. Stuck inside the apartment, she watched numerous episodes of Get Smart Season 2 on repeat. When she finally made it out of the house, she wrote this song at the laundromat. Ironically punters have said its a “stomper” that “has the potential to be loved by people aged 8-80” due to it’s melody, driving beat and pop sensibility. Ultimately, it’s about being defiantly independent, even when the chips are down. It’s a triumph over adversity song that it’s hoped has a universal appeal for at least 150 enthusiastic vinyl collectors and pop fans.

The Pink Tiles:

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