Top 5 Summer Songs

Hey, I have no excuse for my absenteeism, but seeing how school’s now out, I don’t need a note. Just believe me, baby, I won’t disappear again.

It’s hot, it’s sunny. Grab a drink in a pineapple, sit next to me on the side of the pool, and tell me this isn’t simple summer lovin’, Danny Zuko.

1. Redd Kross “Heaven Only Knows”. Nothing says ‘carefree summer drives along the oceanside’ like these guys. Such glossy hair, too.

2. Ramones “California Sun”. Back in the 80s, a guy made me a mix tape with this song on it. I didn’t fully understand the mix tape concept, so I went to California.

3. The Dave Clark Five “Because”. I swoon when I hear this. Heady scents of flowers, salt water, and shampoo.


4. The Cramps “You Got Good Taste”. Seeing the Cramps in the defunct Spectrum in Montreal, many, many years ago, in the front of the sweatiest crowd I’ve even been in. RIP, Lux, and sorry/not sorry for trying to pull your bony ass into the crowd so I could kiss you.


5. The Damned “Alone Again Or”. Great Love cover, amazingly lush estival feeling. “I won’t forget….”

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