Time To Get Your Groove On….Meet, Sidewalk Society


Inspired by The Kinks, The Small Faces, T Rex and Big Star,and many more, Sidewalk Society takes that sound into the future. Big Horns, swinging guitars, drum beats to help you get grooving, what else can you ask for?  Time to get your groove on and Meet…Sidewalk Society.

Hi, our name is…

Sidewalk Society

Dan Lawrence—6- and 12-string guitar and vocals

Dan West—bass, keyboards and vocals

Jerry Buszek—drums and vocals

Our sound might best be described as…

Pop-infused rock and roll


We are…

A contemporary band informed by the great pop and rock sounds of the 60s, 70s and beyond. We

enjoy recording and playing live just about equally, depending on the day you ask. We approach each

differently. In the studio we usually perform and record the basic tracks live as a trio and then build

upon that, with whatever additional instrumentation we feel will enhance the track or invoke the feeling

we want. We play as a trio live and hopefully make up for the lack of certain instruments with energy

and spontaneity, similar to the Who’s approach in the early years.

We are based in…

Southern California, USA


We are originally from…

Southern California, USA

The first time we met was…

Dan Lawrence and Dan West first met in junior high over a shared love of the Who, the Kinks, et al.

We have played in many bands together and separately over the years but generally have always found

a way to play together in one form or another. We met Jerry Buszek in the early 2000s through the L.A.

music scene. He is also a founding member of The Sexies and plays in many other projects as well.


We knew we were going to be a band…

When Dan W. and Dan L. ran into each other after losing touch for a few years. There was a jam

session that made it very obvious we should put a band together again. The way we play when we

get together is totally unique and different from playing with other people or the other projects we’re

involved in.

Before starting the band we were employed as…

Well, of course we all still have day jobs: Dan L. is a graphic designer, Dan W. is a music teacher and

working musician, and Jerry works for the Grammy Museum doing many things, from display design to

sound engineering, teaching and more.


The first song we wrote was…

The first song written for Venus, Saturn and the Crescent Moon was “Silent Echo”; that was the first

song written by the current phase of the band. In the early days, the first original Dan L. and Dan W.

ever wrote and played together was called “Sitting Here Wondering.” That would’ve been when we

were in the 8th  grade—I will spare the year.

It’s about…

3.25 minutes


Our plans for 2013/2014 include…

Writing and recording more material that will hopefully result in another 7″ or more. There’s also

another cool project in the works but not confirmed yet, so keep your ears open.


Interview made by Scott Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013

This is a very cool band that lays down some wicked cool fun. Listen to some of these tunes, read more, shop for Christmas presents and get your groove on. Once again , I want to thank Sidewalk Society for taking the time to answer these questions….






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