They Play Troglodyte Teenbeat 60s-Style Punk….Meet, The Ar-Kaics


This is like listening to Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 but the twist being that The Ar-Kaics are NOW. And like the other Bands that we have worked with from Hidden Volume Records, The Ar-Kaics do not disappoint , they deliver some solid tunes rooted in some very cool history. I don’t want to compare them to any one Band lets just say they incorporate a whole lot of the past greats to come up with a sound they can call their own.. Not an easy feat to be sure so get ready to dance and to have a blast…thanks to , Scott from Hidden Volume Records for turning us on to The Ar-Kaics

Meet…The Ar-Kaics

We Are….

The Ar-Kaics

And our sound might be best described as….

Teenbeat 60s punk

We are….

Kevin, Johnny, Patty, & Timmy

We are originally from…..

Kev and Johnny are from Virginia, Patty is from Chicago via New York City,
Timmy is from DC via Baltimore.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Patty moved to town in June 2012 and Kevin and Johnny had been working on
some songs as The Shamesmen, but not playing them out. Patty started on
drums and the idea of changing the name to The Shamesmen + 1 was floated
around, but ultimately we settled on The Ar-Kaics and started playing shows.
Timmy was added in January of this last year, we had to import him from
Baltimore because we couldn’t find anyone in Richmond who would do. We are
still uncertain if we are going to be a band.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

Johnny was a part-time baker, full-time maniac. Kevin was a part-time
driver, full-time record picker. Timmy has been a waiter and show booker.
Patty is a librarian.

Our craziest gig ever was….

We were booked to play a show in Ann Arbor, MI at the Elk’s Lodge last

The other bands dropped off the bill and there was a crazy thunderstorm. The
only people at the Elk’s Lodge were our friend who booked the show, the
bartender, and a couple miscreants we had brought with us from Detroit. When
it became clear no one else was going to show, one of the miscreants calls
over to a dive bar downtown called the 8 Ball and tells us we need to get
over there in 20 minutes, he “got us a gig.” When we get there, after the
miscreant has a brief altercation with the bouncer, we are allowed to play,
accept donations, and drink a case of complimentary beer. The bouncer later
broke the nose of a college student and, when the police came, both our
miscreant friend from Detroit and the bartender from the Elk’s Lodge, who
had come over to the ‘new’ show to see us, suspiciously laid low, donning
sunglasses and raising their hoods, sitting nervously at the bar.

The first song we wrote was…….

Our first

song was Givin Up

It’s about……
leaving someone behind

What we are currently listening to….

Currently listening to the Arabians-my heart beats over and over again.
The temptations-Egyptian surf
The coasters-bad blood.

For fun we like to…..
For fun, Kevin and Johnny like to go out into the country on a “deep pick,”
scouring all the junk shops and antiques stores in the area to find those
rare records they love so much. Timmy likes to use the internet to learn
about the best happy hours and food specials in town, find a half-priced
appetizer special, and then go and buy twice as many appetizers as he needs
which effectively nullifies the “special” discount. Patty likes to cook for
the boys, drink tequila and/or go bowling.


from us in 2014….

A long player on Windian records and a 45 from Paul Messis in the UK, and
maybe a trip out west

remember to pick this 45 up from the coolest of the cool at

Hidden Volume Records

and you can get a preview of their LP here….

follow The Ar-Kaics ……

The Ar-Kaics, Facebook

The Ar-Kaics, Bandcamp

Don’t forget to pick up their 45 from Hidden Volume Records here…
Hidden Volume Records, Soundcloud
and while your shopping for The Ar-Kaics be sure to follow Hidden Volume Records on Soundcloud for more cool Bands and tunes….


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