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You can file this one under, friends of 50thirdand3rd. Neil Nathan Inc. has just come out with a new video that has to be the coolest Lou Reed cover yet. There Is No Time is off of the” New York” album and for me that is one of my all time favorites of Lou Reed. It was a call to arms then and the song retains that message . Watch the video, tell your friends about it, help spread the message .

“I was in pre-production on a few different ideas for the video when Lou sadly passed, so I started thinking more about the lyrics in terms of Lou Reed as a songwriter, performer, and artist, which brought me back to The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol. When I began revisiting Andy’s pop art, I was shocked at how much of it thematically linked up with the lyrics to the song. And the concept was born.”

In the video, Nathan and British animator Tom Floyd, paint a touching picture that captures the indomitable artistic spirit of these two American Originals while getting to the heart of the song’s call for urgent action if we are to steer this dysfunctional ship that is the American government back on course. And because of Lou’s recent passing, it also serves as a sad reminder of our mortality and memorial to one of our greatest songwriters. from..The Vinyl District

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