THEM FIXES: A 50Thirdand3rd Conversation with Dustin Rye

I listen to so much music each week, it can be overwhelming to keep up with it all sometimes. Thanks to social media (about the only thing it’s good for) I’m able to keep track on certain scenes with just a few clicks. If you’ve read any small percentage of my work here at 50thirdandrd, you already know I’m kind of obsessed with Nashville. That city is just so rich with talent, I could write an article on a different artist each week! This week it’s Them Fixes.

Recently, I stumbled upon Them Fixes and their gnarly debut single “Fangs”. Within mere seconds of the track, I was already hooked! Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with Dustin Rye for an introduction. Who are Them Fixes? Well, read on to find out!

AC: Who are Them Fixes?

Rye: Them Fixes is comprised of Dustin Rye on Guitar/Vox and Shawn Jones on Drums/Percussion.

AC: At what point did you say “Hey I want to start a band!”

Rye: Shawn and I have been in bands with one another since high school days. I personally have always desired to be in a band, write and perform music ever since I began learning guitar at age 13. I’ve done the solo thing before and while being in complete creative control has its perks I’ve always loved the comradery of a unit and adding input to create something more!

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AC: What’s “Fangs” about?

Rye: “Fangs” is about a fierce determination and confidence in a path that one is following. No matter what or sometimes particularly who stands in the way. It doesn’t matter if you “Fail” you’ll never fall far and always get back up again. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Moving forward and learning.

AC: “Fangs” seems to have a grunge vibe, why do you feel that style seems to be coming back?

Rye: There’s a definite reason why people love and gravitate towards that particular era of music. In today’s mainstream, there’s something lacking and I think more and more people are starting to realize that. The same could be said about bands on the rise like Greta Van Fleet. People are starting to realize they miss true blue old school Rock and Roll. With the availability the internet provides us with, I really hope that we can break through the norm.

AC: Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

Rye: Royal Blood, Crobot, Red Fang, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys

AC: So many bands I love are from there! The Lees Of Memory, Hurts To Laugh, Transylvania Stud (who I did his first interview right here at 50thirdand3rd), The By Gods, too many to name! Is Nashville’s scene overpopulated when it comes to indie rock?

Rye: Nashville is definitely oversaturated as a whole but I don’t think you could ever have TOO many amazing Indie Rock Bands haha. This Track was actually produced and mixed by George Pauley of THE BY GODS, and Andrew Godfrey of T-Stud is one of my closest musical peers since we met years ago at a show both our bands were on.

AC: So you’re working on an EP, is “Fangs” a good representation of what it will be like?

Rye: It’s one of the main reasons we chose to release Fangs first. It’s definitely a good representation of the band as a whole and a taste of what’s to come on the EP.

AC: Are you guys seeking out a label to release future projects or are you sticking to DIY?

Rye: Most of our experience has been DIY but we are definitely open and would love to work with a label in the future.

AC: What are you listening to right now?

Rye: This list could go on for a while but most of my playlist consists of Howling Giant, Transylvania Stud, THE BY GODS, Royal Blood, Crobot, Hollywood Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sky Temple Blues, Eagles of Death Metal, Radio Moscow, Safe Secrets, Navaeh, Red Fang, Dozer, Witch.

AC: Whats next for Them Fixes?

Rye: Once we finish up tracking our debut EP we are hitting the pavement hard starting in April and we don’t intend to let up. We already have dates line up for Nashville, Murfreesboro, Jackson as well as heading into Alabama and Kentucky.

AC: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me! Any parting words?

Rye: We just wanna thank YOU for taking the time to listen and interview with us and a huge shout out to all of our Nashville brethren! We can’t wait to see you all again soon! Cheers!

To purchase a name-your-price download of “Fangs” visit Them Fixes on Bandcamp

For more information about Them Fixes, visit them on Facebook

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