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When discussing albums, many people like to talk about debut records as if they can make or break an artist. While many artists have benefited from a solid debut, I feel the follow-up is far more important. For example, Van Halen II solidified Van Halen in rock, and the less said about Radiohead’s debut album the better. With indie music, the second album is the proving ground. If you can’t say it in round 2, an audience can lose interest pretty quickly. The Weeks have nothing to worry about though. Their latest album, Two Moons makes good on the promises set by their debut record.

Recorded in Nashville by Eric Masse, Two Moons gives The Weeks a bigger canvas to paint on. While there are plenty of fuzzy guitars, thunderous percussion, and driving rhythms, Masse’s slick production has elevated them to the next level. The angst may have been taken down a few notches, the new-found confidence as tightened things up considerably.

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Sounding like a wild combination of Hot Snakes meets Collective Soul, The Weeks have carved out a place in the would-be crowded scene of buzzy indie rock by adding a fine layer of maturity to their sound. Two Moons sounds like the soundtrack to a road movie where the main character is laughing at bad decisions. That doesn’t mean The Weeks showcase a devil-may-care attitude though. Each song on Two Moons drives on battle-tested experience. This is no longer a band thriving to play a backyard, these guys are ready to headline festivals and have much younger bands supporting them.

Two Moons is a marathon of gnarly rock n’ roll with sugary hooks and infectious melodies. As a strong contender among the top 10 albums of the year, The Weeks have proven they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the vinyl version out on Romanus Records. With a few different variants and bundles, Two Moons will clearly be a sought after LP once Romanus Records clears their inventory. Records like this move quickly so if you’re planning on getting this album on vinyl, you’d better get on it before they’re completely gone!





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