The State Of Music ,2013 Part 2…….The Dirtbombs


Many of those who post here started to know each other through the music we posted on Blipfm. One of us would start by playing Iggy, then another would answer with the New York Dolls.It was a fun game of trying to be one step in front of the next song. Some days it would evolve into themes and one of my favorite themes then and now is, Detroit rock n roll.   A few weeks ago I posted A state of Music 2013 part 1. Well, I would consider The Dirtbombs ,my State of Music 2013 part 2.

 American rockers that come from some great groups, turning out the hits, stomping , grinding and dancing as they do it. This could have been a review of the new album by The Dirtbombs, Consistency Is The Enemy but since the songs are only new to vinyl, that’s already been done by many others. Me , I’m a fan, I love The Dirtbombs, they are my most played band of the last 3 years. I urge you all to buy the new album and yes it’s only released on Vinyl so you better bust out that turntable if you haven’t already done so. Here is a little bio from AllMusic…

One of Mick Collins‘ many post-Gories projects, the Dirtbombs initially seemed to exist more in concept than in reality. As if in reaction to the bass-less sound of the Gories, the Detroit-based band brought together two drummers, two bass players, and Collins on vocals and guitar. And other than consistently loud volumes and lots of noise, the Dirtbombs actually displayed a surprisingly diverse sound, composing across a broad spectrum of styles from garage rock, punk, and glam to classic soul and R&B. They began primarily as a 7″ band, issuing five singles before Larry Hardy of In the Red convinced them to record a full-length, 1998’s Horndog Fest. After issuing another handful of singles, the Dirtbombs released their sophomore album, Ultraglide in Black, in May 2001. An album devoted to vintage R&B covers, Ultraglide in Black won the band a growing following in Europe, aided by frequent overseas touring (including a jaunt with the White Stripes). Collins and company returned to a tougher, more rock-oriented sound for 2003’s Dangerous Magical Noise, and came back in 2005 with Billiards at Nine Thirty, a split album with King Khan & the Shrines. That same May, In the Red released If You Don’t Already Have a Look, a two-disc compilation that featured 52 tracks comprised of cover tunes, singles, and six new songs.

For more on The Dirtbombs,

The new album is pulled from ,If You Don’t Already Have A Look.  Here are just a few of the songs from Consistency Is The Enemy. Have fun and don’t forget to dance…

The Sharpest Claws – The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs – Encrypted

The Dirtbombs – (I’m Not Your) Scratchin’ Post

Candyass – The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs: Trainwreck

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