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she don't love me no more by The Shady Greys

So guess what 50thirdand3rders?? I have a new favorite duo! They go by the name The Shady Greys from the Netherlands and they are simply amazing. Meet Catherine Coutoux and Marcus Hayes. They have the rawness that we loved from Jack and Meg White. That dirty, garage-rock sound, high-pitch guitar riffs bouncing off the walls, screaming those lyrics making me want to lose my shit. But I won’t, I will totally keep my shit together, at least long enough to finish this post.

The Shady Greys are releasing their new EP, Follow, on September 15th. It will be available for free download on their bandcamp page! I got a sneak preview and I gotta tell you, I would pay for that. Here is what they had to say…

Tell me a little bit about The Shady Greys, who are you and what you are about?

We are Catherine Coutoux and Marcus Hayes from Amsterdam. We´re obsessed with rock’n’roll and that´s why we created this band back in 2012.

Your new EP, Follow, is coming out September 15th. Who writes the songs and what is the process like?

Marcus writes the music and lyrics. Usually it starts out with either a riff or a line around which we build the songs. They´re often about something that upsets us or makes us jealous, no love songs. Once we have the guitars and lyrics done, we just head to our tiny studio and jam until the song feels right.

You play a lot of festivals, do you enjoy that? Are you planning on playing any festivals here in the states?

We love it just as much as doing club shows. Obviously we get to play in front of a larger crowd at festivals and that´s a real thrill. At the moment we don´t have any plans to come to the US but it´s definetely on our bucket list. We´d love to do a US tour with our Brooklyn based buddies THE END MEN at some point.

You don’t use a set list at a show, making every show unique which I think is absolutely awesome. But does that ever screw you up? I am sure the fans love it.

I think it actually really helps. We can adapt our set to the vibe of the moment. I´m not sure the crowd is aware of it but it does add a certain tension and pushes us to our limits. Mistakes happen all the time but that´s a part of what we are about.

Obviously being heavily influenced by The White Stripes, have you ever met with him or sent him any of your songs?

We have neither met him nor have we sent him any songs. But of course we´re both fans of the White Stripes.

Who do you listen to?

At the moment we’re really into Benjamin Booker, Bass Drum of Death, Destination Lonely and Traumahelikopter but we also love older stuff like Chuck Berry or The Rolling Stones. One of my (Marcus) favourite albums is the first one from Kings of Leon called Youth and Young Manhood – I listen to that all the time. Our friend Robbing Banks will release his new album in October – we already had a listen and it´s going to be insane. And The End Men released their new record Terms and Conditions earlier this year and we both love it. The list goes on and on really.

A big, big thanks to Marcus Hayes and Catherine Coutoux to doing this interview with us! Please check out their website and follow them on Facebook.

Let her go, Let her go, god bless her by The Shady Greys

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