The Reverberations’ Dave Berkham Talks “Changes” Plus The Premiere Of “Into The Light”

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Portland’s The Reverberations are back with Changesthe follow up LP to their 2016 debut, Mess Up Your MindThese guys have been keeping busy touring the West Coast, performing with the likes of The Schizophonics, The Wooly Bushmen, as well as sixties garage legends The Chocolate Watchband and Jimy Sohns of the Shadows Of Knight.

Ms. Moneynine: You guys have recently played with The Chocolate Watchband and Jimy Sohns and I know you guys have just been really busy in general since the release of Mess Up Your Mind. Can you give me a little overview of The Reverberations’ recent shows and goings on?

Dave Berkham: We’ve done a lot since the release of that record! It seems like so long ago now. Well, we’ve added a new member to the group, Mr. Bob Fountain! Bob joined us right after Nuggets Night 2017 when we backed Jimy Sohns, before that our pal, Steve LaFollette (Beulah), would sit in on keys with us. It’s been fantastic having Bob in the band, he has a rich musical history (Crawling Walls on VOXX Records) and his musicianship and songwriting has really put us in a whole new bracket musically. Bob and I have started writing songs together, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate. Our overall direction is still very DIY, but the music has evolved from raw garage rock, to more of a psychedelic pop sound.

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MM9: Can you give me a little background on making your new LP, Changes?

DB: The whole idea started when John and I were at a going away party for the producer and engineer of our new record, Pat Kearns. Pat was moving down to Joshua Tree, CA and was telling us about cool potential spots for his new studio. One idea was an old abandoned roller-rink from the 70’s, the other was a big church. These weird locations fascinated us, and John suggested we book a tour that allowed for some recording time in Joshua Tree with Pat. We did just that! Once we had enough songs rehearsed and ready, we booked a tour, scheduled recording time, and hit the road. We played all the songs we were planning on recording for each set, so by the time we arrived in Joshua Tree, we would be well rehearsed. We rented an AirBnB in the middle of the desert and Pat set up the studio in the house, utilizing each room for tracking. Vocals were done in the kitchen, Guitars were near the laundry room, Drums were in the bedroom. Being in the middle of the Mojave Desert, just focusing on our music was an amazing experience. We all changed while we were there, fell in love with the desert, and our music evolved while we were there as well, hence the name Changes.

MM9: Can you tell me a little about the album release show and any upcoming shows and/or tour plans?

DB: Our album is officially out on February 7th via Beluga Records in Sweden. We’ll have an in-store performance at a local record shop, Music Millennium, on March 2nd. Our album release show is on March 9th at The Secret Society with two great local bands, Charts and True Primitives. We’ll have some special guests with us onstage helping with parts of the new album that we normally couldn’t perform live. There will also be a groovy light show by Stanger Things.

After that, we have a 10-day tour in the works right now with most cities booked – we are going to be playing in a few cities we haven’t played before (Phoenix and Tucson) as well as our usual stops in LA, San Diego, and the Bay Area. We’re very excited to get the new album out and into the hands of our friends and fans in each city!

Here’s what is booked so far:

March 21st- Portland- The Liquor Store

March 22nd- Sacramento- TBA

March 23rd- Oakland- TBA

March 24th- Los Angeles- The Redwood

March 25th- Phoenix- Rip’s Bar

March 27th- Tucson- TBA

March 28th- Joshua Tree- TBA

March 29th- San Diego- Bar Pink

March 30- Los Angeles- Monty Bar

March 31- Pioneertown- SoCal Psychfest 2019


MM9: Are there any other projects/side projects you’d like us to know about?

DB: We recently recorded some new material as a backing band for Mal Thursday for an upcoming single. We also recorded some new material for an unknown release for the future.

Cam plays guitar in his own group, Mantis, who has recently put out a new album.

Bob has a soon-to-be-released album called 12:02, his second album with The Low 12, along with drummer Adam Bayer (formerly of The Mooney Suzuki) and guitarist Will Ivy.

Here’s “Into The Light” the latest single from The Reverberations’ brand new album, Changes. Pre-Order Changes from The Reverberations on Bandcamp! (Due out February 7th) 

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