The Nobility “Wonderful Night” Soul Step Records 7″ Review

Since their inception in 2001, The Nobility has just about seen in all. A name change, NPR praise, the subject of a children’s book, even a song featured in a Meg Ryan film! Four albums, two EPs and possibly thousands of live shows later, it’s time for something they haven’t done. A vinyl release. Thanks to Soul Step Records, The Nobility can finally check that off their list with the release of Wonderful Night.

Calling Nashville Tennessee home, The Nobility are in no shortage of musical neighbors.

The Nobility

In fact, I’ve written about more indie acts hailing from Music City than any other place on Earth. Thriving in a city where every other person has spent a considerable amount time in a studio, is no easy task. However, instead of chasing trends and battling relevance in the fickle industry, The Nobility excels by being true to themselves.

With meticulously mapped harmonies, jangly guitars, and sugary hooks, it’s hard to label The Nobility in terms of genre. Part rock n roll, part power pop, and some subtle hints of retro vibes. Each chorus is catchy but never to the point of grating repetitions. As contrived as it may sound, hearing them for yourself is the best way to describe them.

Choosing a track to lead a 7″ release had to be a job in of itself.

Side A’s “Wonderful Night” is a fantastic introduction to The Nobility. Not only a stand-out track from their Ashford Castle album, it also acts as a spot-on representation of what this band is about. Wit, harmony, and fun. For an added bonus, Side B’s “Retrograde Amnesia” is exclusive to this vinyl release. That track maintains everything The Nobility is famous for but adding a fine layer of experimentation, hinting at a possible direction for the future.


As with all releases from Soul Step Records, Wonderful Night is only available in a limited run and once they’re gone they’re gone! Aside from the standard black, there are a few extremely collectible variants that range from gorgeous to elusive. Wonderful Night is a perfect intro to a band that will likely stay on your turntable for years.

For more information on The Nobility, please visit TheNobility.com

To purchase Wonderful Night on limited edition 7″ vinyl, please visit Soul Step Records


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