The Monsters in Hamburg

Sounds of Subterrania are an independent label from Hamburg and recently turned 20 years old. To celebrate its 20th anniversary they organized 7 days of gigs from the Sounds of Subterrania bands and artists in Hafenklang. I was interested in the 5th day as The Monsters were coming. Here was the running order for the night: Kamikaze Queens, The Devil in Miss Jones, The Courettes, The Monsters.

Unfortunately, we were late and missed the Kamikaze Queens (a Berlin Punk Cabaret) completely. The Devil in Miss Jones was on stage already. The Monsters were walking about and I got the chance to shake hands and chat with some. Beat Man was completely surrounded with people. The place was packed; I have never seen Hafenklang that crowded before. We had no chance of getting close to the stage when The Courettes were playing. The duo put on a great show even though we weren’t able to see much we could still dance at the back and enjoy.

The Monsters took the stage and I worked my way to the front. On the right of the stage there are stairs which connect stage to backstage. I walked up the stairs and fortunately managed to watch the whole show on the stage by the band! Ha, ha! It was amazing. The Monsters were in the right mood and they thrashed the night out.

Enjoy the excellent footage taken on stage behind the band. Special thanks goes to blacflag!

More you talk less I hear you ~The Monsters

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I can’t stop ~The Monsters

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If you would like to see more about these bands, please visit their pages. Links are below. Cheers!

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