The Lovesores Rule!!! Check Out One Of My Favorite Portland Bands!!!

Left to right: Adam Kattau, Alex Fast, Scott Drake, Saul Koll

The Lovesores are easily one of my favorite Portland bands. These guys rock and are best enjoyed live with an ice cold Rainier! When I first saw The Lovesores back in June with The Sadists at Barebones Cafe, I was hooked immediately! Saul Koll, Alex Fast, Eric Bennes, and Adam Kattau are so effortlessly cool playing through one kickass number after the next like it’s second nature. And Scott Drake is every bit the killer with his laid back swagger and his Jerry Lee Lewis waves.

(The Lovesores “Desperation Now!” live from Barebones Cafe and Bar in Portland, OR. Full track below)

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3320379414 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=836852413]


(The Sadists rock and I’m super bummed that I missed them at Twilight Fest 2017!)

Where was I? Right, I got another chance to see The Lovesores at Nuggets Night 2017 but I forgot my charger and had to save some juice for the headliners (and my Uber ride home) However, these guys were on my radar and I was determined to watch this band, get some goodies for 50thirdand3rd and get enough Dutch courage in me to say hi. After all, Alex Fast (Lovesores’ Bass Player) said I should come over and say hi when I tagged him my instagram pics. (below) On a side note, check out Alex’ other band, Satyress, for some badass proto-metal psych doom rawkness!


Twilight Fest was in full swing by the time I made it over from work in the Pearl. I was also meeting my new musical partner in crime, Will and couldn’t wait to hash out plans for our own band. As an added extra special bonus, I was finally gonna get to see The Cry!, but more on those young badasses, a little later. Anyway, Will managed to snag us a table and we took turns guarding it between bathroom/smoke breaks, trips to the bar, and my sneaking off to get in the mix to catch some of The Food’s set. The Food rocks, by the way! I caught Scott Drake and Eric Bennes (Lovesores’ Drummer) watching the band and made eye contact a couple times and then agonized over what would be worse, being seen as flirtatious, socially awkward, or awkwardly flirtatious? Whatever, get another beer and go talk to Will!

In between gear talk, schedule swapping, praising the band, and bitching about the heat, I spotted The Lovesores’ lead guitarist, Saul Koll. Saul Koll is really cool and nice and I was super excited to get to talk to him! Saul Koll is also a luthier here in town and builds custom guitars for lots of other talented musicians from all over the world!

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Upon my return from the bar, (I ordered food since the chocolate from next door started to kick in.) I decided to go say hi to Scott Drake and introduce myself since I have legit business and just recently put it together that Scott Drake was the singer for The Humpers , hence the cool cover of “Up Yer Heart” back at the Barebones’ show. Yay, I could totally impart this revelation! By the way, go check out “Positively Sick On 4th Street” if you haven’t already. Scott and Eric were gracious enough to take my goofiness in stride. I only regret not sticking around long enough to talk some more and saying a proper hello to Alex Fast instead of sprinting back to the table when I caught my burger and fries being served outta the corner of my eye. I guess I’m just gonna have to go watch you guys, again.

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(Now I know I’m not as bad as this drunk dude rubbing Scott’s leg!)

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Here’s “The Erotic Adventures of Coca Cola Jones” from The Lovesores “Rock and Roll Animal” — buy it on Bandcamp or pick up their entire catalogue for $14.29 and if you make your purchase, today, 100% of Bandcamp’s share of the sale goes to the Transgender Law Center!


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3162077602 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2797537366]

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