The Lively Ones – Surf Drums [Full Album]


Heading out to the beach tomorrow morning, giving some body surfing lessons to the kids who have been there for a few days. I’ve been semi retired from body surfing since a smash-up a few years back, looking forward to getting back on the waves.

The Lively Ones – Surf Drums [Full Album]

Surf Drums (1963) / Del-Fi Records

Jim Masoner — Lead guitar
Ed Chiaverini — Rhythm guitar
Joel Willenbring – Saxophone
Ron Griffith – Bass
Tim Fitzpatrick – Drums

1. 40 Miles Bad Road (Al Casey/D. Eddy)
2. Surfer Boogie (A. Smith)
3. Wild Weekend (P. Todaro/T. Shannon)
4. Stoked (D. Eddy/L. Hazlewood)
5. Surf Drums (M. Grant)
6. Shootin’ The Pier (D. Tiomkin/N. Washington)
7. Rumble (M. Grant/F. “Link” Wray)
8. Hillbillie Surf (M. Gittens/T. King/J. Paris)
9. Mr. Moto (R. Delvy/P. Johnson)
10. Rik-A-Tik (G. Tomsco)
11. Bustin’ Surfboards (L. Delaney/G. Sanders/J. Sanders/N. Sanders)
12. Tuff Surf (N. Watts)

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