The Kids Invasion, Part Two…… Discover, Engines


A few days ago, I was writing about how the kids are taking back their rock ‘n’ roll and later that day I received a heads up from 50thirdand3rds’ good friend Neil Nathan regarding the music of Engines. I am going to includes Neil’s’ description below . I would only add that I was just listening to Cat Stevens and Dylan yesterday and I truly hope that we live in a time that true talent in the form of a singer-songwriter can be heard above the noise of the mundane .

Engines is Tom D’agustino. Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Mangum, Rivers Cuomo, and Elliott Smith, his songs are filled with a raw intimacy and delicate angst that is truly unique. Producer/Singer Songwriter Neil Nathan (Californication Soundtrack) has known Tom since he was five and has been putting him on stage at his concerts since he was fifteen, most recently at his Pirate Vinyl Label Release Show at Bell House in Brooklyn. “Tom always strolled onto the stage as if he was born there and effortlessly hypnotized the crowd. It’s pretty hilarious how women of all ages swoon over him. Co- Producer Riley McMahon and I had a lot of fun working with him. He’s a total natural in the studio. We had to keep reminding ourselves he was only 18. They do not make ’em like Tom. Whatever IT is, he’s got IT.” Tom also fronts the band Active Bird Community, who are currently recording with Producer Kyle ‘Slick’ Johnson (Modest Mouse).
released 22 May 2014

Produced by Neil Nathan & Riley McMahon
Recorded and Mixed by Riley McMahon @ New Warsaw Studio
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar – Tom D’agustino
Guitars, Synth, Organ, Lap steel, Percussion – Riley McMahon
Bass – Pemberton Roach
Drums – Robby Sinclair

All songs written by Tom D’agustino except “What The Living Do” adapted from a Poem by Marie Howe

give a listen, be late for work….

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