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A very brief history of The Who’s early years..

In 1962, a guy by the name of Roger Daltrey formed a band named The Detours. After several line-up changes, the band became The Who as we know them today. Obviously the band later changed their name to The Who, but for a few months in 1964, at the suggestion of their Mod Manager, Pete Meaden, The Who changed their name to The High Numbers, a name which originated from Mod slang. The High Numbers released one single – I’m The Face/Zoot Suit before reverting back to The Who. Both sides of the 45 were written by Meaden, the A-side was based on Slim Harpo’s – Got Love If You Want It. The High Numbers also recorded two covers at the same session, Bo Diddley’s – Here ‘Tis and Eddie Holland’s – Leaving Here, all four songs were eventually released on various Who compilations.

By the end of 1964, The High Numbers had changed their name back to The Who, and had also changed management, replacing Meaden with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Releasing the first official Who single in 1965 – I Can’t Explain.

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A few High Numbers songs and early Who covers/Songs & the infamous ‘My Generation’ explosion:

The High Numbers – Zoot Suit and I’m The Face

The High Numbers – Here ‘Tis

The High Numbers – Leaving Here

The Who – Heatwave

The Who – Shout and Shimmy

The Who – I Can’t Explain

The Who – My Generation (Explosion)

Below I have posted some footage of the High Numbers performing at The Railway Hotel, the location of an R&B club in the 60’s, which was run by Richard Barnes. Also the place where Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp first saw The Who performing and the site of The Who’s first ever gig.

Pete Townshend cracked the neck of his guitar, when he accidentally hit the taverns low ceiling, which was the trigger for The Whos notorious ‘let’s smash everything to pieces’ stage antics. You can see a photo of The Railway Tavern on the inside sleeve of Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy.

Clip: The High Numbers Live At The Railway Hotel. Clip

Audio of the whole gig (Sounds a bit messy, I think you had to be there): The High Numbers At The Railway Hotel (Full Gig) (Audio)

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