The guys from KI have a new single, “She Knows”

Music group KI has just dropped their latest single “She Knows” adding to their list of hits. Debuting this last Friday, the track comes off the heels of the groups first full length EP, The Rising. “She Knows” comes at you full force with a strong beat and singing that starts out as if a whisper. The drums just keep building until that strong emotion hits. Lead singer and songwriter, Kiley Halpern, has a voice that is almost taunting you, “…it’s a long way down baby.”


“She Knows” is one of those singles that evoke strong emotional reactions. Song about escaping through the darkness and realizing our own sins, a sense of desperation if you will. It is a strong single for this group, and I can’t wait to see what happens next for them, because this has just begun.


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