The Golden Dawn, one of the best of Texas psych


Do you like Texas psych? If you do, I am sure you are familiar with the band The Golden Dawn. Their 1968 album Power Plant is million times worth a listen.

The Golden Dawn were from Austin and formed in 1966. They broke up after the album release and reformed later in 2000s. Back in sixties, the band’s line up included George Kinney, friends with Roky Erickson of the 13th Floor Elevators, on guitar and vocals, Tom Ramsey and Jimmy Bird on guitars, Bill Hallmark on bass, and Bobby Rector on drums. The band’s sound was a blend of psychedelic rock and a bit of garage rock marked by lush harmonies and George Kinney’s excellent vocals completes it all as a result we get one of the best of “Texasedelia”. I am not sure really which number to pick from their album as I love them all. Tough choice but guess “Starvation” will beat the rest for now. Oh and if you like to keep up with George Kinney, you can find him here posting time to time.

Cheers Texas psych lovers!

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