“The Girl You Knew” Beach Garage Punk At Its’ Best…New Album Out from Our Friend s…Burnt Palms

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In case you missed our “Meet The Band ” with Burnt Palms….

A Meet and Mix From Burnt Palms

Now that your all caught up, give a listen to the second album from Burnt Palms. “The Girl You Knew”. This is some rocking tunes full of the beach vibes but its got a bit of a kick that some of the other groups going for this sound lack. If you like The Dum Dum Girls you’ll be missing out if you don’t give a few minutes to listen to some of these excellent songs. Great guitars, drums it all fits nice wrapped around some very cool vocals. So if your like me and you love the Beach and everything about the Beach from , the sand to the surf, pull up a chair, get that second cup of coffee ready and head on in….

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