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Over the past few years, I’ve covered many releases from Soul Step Records. I’d try to talk about all of them but the readers would probably think I’m the payroll! But the one thing that always draws me in is how this label cares about the music they’re putting out. In the short time Soul Step has been up and running, they’ve shared some artists nothing short of amazing. From rock to pop to hip-hop, this Cincinnati-based label has pretty much covered it all. But now with their 35th release, they’re going a bit more personal. Let’s drop the needle on Absolutley Nothing by The Family Gold.

Combining elements of country, rockabilly, and bluegrass, The Family Gold is a special case. Sure, their sound is retro and songs fun, but what makes them even more interesting is the fact they’re based in Chicago! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna dive into a puff piece about the indie music scene of my hometown (I do that enough around here). But I will say ol’ Chi-town is probably not anyone’s first choice for this genre of music!

Scratchy acoustic guitars, thumbing stand-up bass, violins and male and female harmonies are rarely found in modern music, much less from a city that prides itself with artists like Chance The Rapper and Local H.

While to some, The Family Gold may sound like yet another archaic novelty, cashing in on the likes of old souls such as J.D. McPherson. And there’s no denying the old school vibes are strong with Absolutely Nothing, there isn’t a shred of pretentiousness to be found. Every single note sounds authentic and honest. In a world where even a genre could push an agenda, that’s a breath of fresh air! These days its rare to have fun music without dumbing it down and going against that is what makes this release so refreshing.

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On the label side of things, Absolutely Nothing is the first part in a new series from Soul Step Records. As I said before, Soul Step has brought attention to many indie artists, as well as local-Cinci ones. But this series is a bit more personal because it celebrates the kind of music label owner Melvin Dillon, grew up hearing.

Growing up with an affinity for Appalachian music, Dillion wanted a series to showcase a breed of music rarely heard on mainstream OR indie scenes.

There are plenty of releases in Soul Step’s catalog that could easily fit on the ‘Footprint Series’ but The Family Gold just feels like the best way to start. Available in a very limited run, Absolutley Nothing will no doubt become both a collector’s item and a frequent piece of wax on your turntable!

To purchase Absolutely Nothing on limited edition vinyl, please visit Soul Step Records.

For more info on The Family Gold, check out TheFamilyGold.com

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