The Dogs: “Too Rock for the Punks and too Punk for the Rockers”


A few years ago, I told the local record shop owner that I was looking for some new bands that had the Detroit punk vibe, à la The Stooges or MC5. He mentioned a band called The Dogs and told me to give them a listen. Needless to say, I was blown away and wondered how in the world I had never heard of these guys before. Then I found out that they had been around since the early 70’s and had opened up for the likes of Television, The Dictators and KISS. The single “”Slash Your Face” had even been featured on an early volume of the Killed By Death comp. The trio (L. Molinare: vocals , guitar / M. Kay: vocals , bass / R. Wood: drums) made a return in 2003 on the Dionysus release Suburban Nightmare. Below are two of my favorite songs that can be found on Fed Up!

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?

John Rock’n’Roll Sinclair


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