The Debate: Old vs New

Mean Red Spiders

I re-started my blog, Punk Retrospective, back in 2008 and wrote reviews of a few 1st and 2nd wave punk albums available on Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate with a WordPress plug-in, I figured I could make some money off click-thru purchasers, but only succeeded in driving more traffic towards evil. After a while I started to feel it was a complete waste of time to even bother writing about bands everyone has heard of and whose entire catalog is available for download through RapidShare.

New to northern California, I hadn’t been going to shows as frequently as I had in Los Angeles, then when the Spits came through Sacramento I decided to go. There were four opening acts playing in that shiny-walled hallway they call Luigi’s. Thank the gods they remodeled…my ears are still ringing! Anyway, long story short, Sacramento is entirely populated by great bands and the whole Punk Retrospective crew started making trips to watch all of them play whenever we could. That’s when I stopped covering old music…I hadn’t even realized it until our 50thirdand3rd admin, Ben, mentioned a ‘nod to the past’ to me twice last week.

I’ve been spinning on it for days…this simple debate over reviewing current, new performing acts who haven’t broke yet vs honoring those who came before, the old and influential. Revel in nostalgia or beat the drums for a whole new crop of kids out doing it their way? I started to question the significance and validity of either. Why review anything? You’re more than capable of finding music you like on your own and you probably don’t like my taste anyway! If you’re reading this, you probably found it because you searched for the band below…you already care. So, who is my audience? Do I have one? I guess we’ll see…maybe you will comment or share this and let me know you were here?

Maybe I just write these things for myself. Maybe it doesn’t matter and I’ll still just do it. Maybe I’ll continue to push bands I find in this local scene and others I catch on video, but, at least this one time, maybe I should give you a taste of the past you may have missed. OK, why not…

Why would I think you haven’t heard this before? Well, mainly because I hadn’t heard it before 2011. It’s relatively obscure, out-of-print and, at last check, unavailable for download on the web. I was introduced to it by my DJ friend, Olaf, aka: the Vinyl Avenger, when he played this between bands at a local gig. This lost 1978 masterpiece by ex-Distorted Levels, future Chesterfield Kings, Greg Prevost and Andy Babiuk lay hidden away until 1990 when Buster Bulb finally released 500 copies on 7” vinyl.

‘Last of the Teen Icons’ consists of 4 tracks of the rawest garage punk you’re ever likely to hear. It’s like a sloppy version of the Mummies, mixed with Teengenerate and New Bomb Turks! Let me know if you find something out there reaching this level! I don’t know how my audio compares to the other YouTube version(s) of this, but I figured I’d put this out there for you.

1) Rejected At The High School Dance
2) Diabolical
3) Kick Your Ass Across The USA
4) I’ve Got VD


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