The Dark Side of Jacob Thomas Jr.

The dark side of Jacob Thomas Jr. is ever-present in his music. The very soul of his music familiar and fresh with Original Sin, his debut solo album. Songs of wicked behavior and desires that cannot simply be resisted. Growing up as the son of a preacher in the deep south, Thomas longed to be a character in the songs he sings about. Almost living a double life until deciding to pick up and move to Nashville, working as a band member to some pretty big names. Finding his place here, his honest, unpolished lyrics and sound are like a black hole pulling you in deeper into the uncomfortable settings of his songs.

I had the pleasure of watching him perform this week at The High Watt here in Nashville. An intimate crowd listened as he strummed his guitar and listened to his beautiful, yet dark and revealing music. His unsettling lyrics accompanied with the gently strumming of his guitar make for an arousing curiosity of what will flow from his guitar next. His words of forbidden fruit, lust and pride come with no apologies.

Photo by Jess Sneed

I highly recommend checking him out. Find out more about him and his music on his website and you can keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Featured Image photo credit: Basement Fox and Live Photo by Jess Sneed

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