Record of the Day: The Cookies – Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About The Cookies

Girl groups aren’t just my jam — they’re my bread and butter, too. A lot of groups that recorded in the 50s & 60s never put out a full LP, just loads of 45s. So, it always makes me happy when a label compiles a group’s singles and releases them on vinyl, because fuck CDs. Teenager Records out of Denmark put out The Cookies – Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About the Cookies in 1991. I’m thankful they did so, and thankful used copies are still relatively affordable, as least for a girl group collector like me.

Apparently the Beatles covered one of their songs, something I didn’t know till today because I’m not a fan of the guys, but maybe it’ll be familiar to some of you.

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The ladies recorded on Lamp, Aladdin and Atlantic records, performing from 1953 to 1958 and again from 1962 to 1967, with a few line-up changes during that time. Today, the founding members are gone, but one of the later Cookies still tours and performs the group’s hits.

The Cookies were discovered by Ray Charles and went on to become the Raelettes, with Darlene McCrea and Margie Hendricks leading the way and becoming one on the most well-known female vocal groups ever. Listening to their young voices in their early days, before they toured the world with Ray, is a treat.

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Of course, The Cookies are most famous for “Don’t Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby),” one of many King/Goffin tracks the group recorded. But all the songs on this record are worth checking out, for the powerhouse vocal harmonies alone. Anyway, who can resist a cookie? Surely not me.

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