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Cannot Be Saved is a new tune from Anton Newcombe’s band of San Francisco-born pscyh warriors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Atmospheric, laid back and full of tension and threat, it’s another treat for the ears from a band that keeps on giving.

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Cannot Be Saved is the first cut from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s upcoming, self-titled album, set for release on Anton’s own A Recordings on 15th March this year. This, their 18th full-length LP, comes hot on the heels of their 17th, Something Else, which came out last summer. The new album would’ve come out in 2018 too if it weren’t for the band’s hectic touring schedule and the high demand for Anton’s producing skills. He’s a busy man, alright. And downtime for him is dedicated to making endless, excellent psychedelic music in his Cobra Studio in Berlin.

Anton may call chilly norther Europe his home these days but, like with yesterday’s equally trippy Record of the Day, a distinct, sun-kissed, California sensibility is usually present in his work. That’s absolutely the case with Cannot Be Saved. It has a classic road trip vibe to it. As you listen, you can almost see your protagonist raising a trail of dust a mile long as he motors inexorably across a vast, dangerous landscape.

If you’re a Brian Jonestown Massacre fan you’ll know what to expect – soaring melodies, spaced-out, bluesy guitar, drawled vocals drenched in lethargy, and repetition, repetition, repetition. Hey, when there’s a groove this intense it’s worth hammering it home. Regular BJM touchstones are there too, like Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain. All in all it’s a good omen for that upcoming album. When a band puts out a self-titled record, there’s a temptation to see it as a release that might define their sound. And it seems like Cannot Be Saved, comes pretty close to doing that all on its own.

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