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Angie (Sydney, Australia)
Veteran of Ruined Fortune, Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, and who came through Gonerfest playing bass with Straight Arrows a few years back. Angie has been busy! Her solo album on Easter Bilby is a vivid dreamlike affair, full of implied melodies and instinctually correct moves, even if not obvious ones.

.. themes spurred from a myriad of notebooks recounting travels in North America, Croatia, Cambodia, Turkey, and everyday life in Australia. The melodies have been floating around for years in loose form, only now to be assigned their rightful place.

Appearing: Friday Night

This is some very cool stuff, a little on the heavy beach surf vibe. Angie lays down some serious vocals that you could just find yourself getting lost in. Give a listen after the Interview….

I am…..

Angie. A sometimes soitary entity and sometimes a band.

People say I sound like…..

The live band has been compared to heavy-70s rock like buffalo / BOC –which is what i’m aiming for I guess – But I guess the record I’ve seen it in stores compared to Nico and Suicide (?) . They’re heavy comparisons, so I guess I can only hope to live up to them in some way or another.

I am originally from…..

Sydney, Australia. I grew up in the middle of the city but was always by the beach. In summer I still am!

Who are some that have an influence on your sound…

I guess at the moment Spacemen 3 , Witch (Africa) , Chrome, Witchfinder General, Jim Carrol Band and Fad Gadget.

Books I recommend …

I work in a bookstore so this feels like I’m at work, haha. Uh I love true crime and philosophy, so I could recommend anything in that genre – I don’t read too much fiction. Errol Morris’s book A Wilderness of Error is really great – about the trials of jeffrey macdonald – and Helen Garner’s new book House of Grief – they’re both true crime.

My craziest gig ever was….

I guess each time playing overseas is always a little crazy. I’m pretty shy myself don’t really go ‘crazy’ haha. Playing acoustic in Brasil last year was a highlight – on a colonial coffee farm 2 hours from Rio.

What are you most looking forward to during Gonerfest?

I know this sounds cheesy but going to Graceland (I didn’t have enough money to see it last time) My dad is obsessed with Elvis so I’d want to get him some cheesy souvenirs. Also I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of the bands playing – mainly The Rebel.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….

Hmmm I think its cool to be working on music now, as you have this vast musical history that you’re trying to add to or ‘trump’ in a sense which is the eternal challenge. But I guess I’d love to see the big classic rock bands from the 70’s in their prime – Like Sabbath, Creedence, The Stones, and the aussie greats like Buffalo and Coloured Balls, Rose Tattoo, etc.

Growing up ,at home I listened to…..

As a child I listened to lots of Creedence and Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Rose Tatt, all that stuff came from my dad’s record collection. As an early teen I became obsessed with computer games – so I guess after that all I listened to was music from computer games, haha.. Then I started liking the Fall, Swell Maps, Royal Trux, etc after that.

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…

Well at the moment I’m on tour in Europe with Straight Arrows so there’s loads of The Index, The Bachs, Rising Storm, 39 Clocks, Workshop, and Brian Eno. Owen just played me this album by a band called The End from England that i really liked – it was produced by Bill Wyman, so maybe he’s not as much of a nerd as I thought 🙂

When you are touring and have some time off , where could we find you..,.,

In the pool / beach / park or library ! 🙂

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to me …..

The record is better I swear (and its for sale by the door!) hehe.. no uhhh. Music is cool, stay free!

listen to the full album….

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