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The first band in our “Meet The Bands ” Of Goner Fest Eleven is Gimp Teeth. This is Punk, this is not that watered down suburban version , this is the real deal, the kind of punk that you best be getting out of the way of unless you can throw it down with the best of em. Listen to the Music , the noise will take you over…..

Meet, Gimp Teeth

Gimp Teeth
Hardcore Punk with a tinge of garage and surf rock.
Taylor, Conner, Cole and Swilley.
Memphis, Tennessee.
It’s hard to really pimpoint very specific influences for us. For the most part we’re all into mostly very different kinds of music. The original idea was to somehow merge powerviolence and surf rock, but I think we’ve pulled ideas from way too many sources for that to really show through. The big ones are Iggy, Jay Reatard, SSD, The Ramones and all the old hardcore bands.
Conner and Swilley met through skateboarding. The rest of us met at Memphis College of Art.
We knew we were going to be a Band when we asked our friends to use their basement for practice and had our first practice.
What are you looking forward to most at Gonerfest this year? Gonerfest is rad, we’ve all had a ton of fun at past Gonerfests. I think we’re mostly looking forward to meeting all the different people and bands that come through Memphis during Gonerfest.
Our craziest show ever was in Little Rock, Arkansas at a spot called “The Squeeze,” which was an abandoned dentists office turned ‘punk house.’ All the kids at that house and who came to the show were so enthusiastic about music and it didn’t seem like a scene that was heavily divided by subgenres. It was sweaty and rowdy and there was plenty of beer. “The Squeeze” will be missed dearly.
The first song we wrote was ‘No Cash’
It’s about being young and financially distraught in the wake of ambitions outside of Memphis.

Cole and I have been really into the hardcore punk scenes that seem to be thriving and spilling out of NYC and Austin, TX. Cole’s been really into Hoax and The Clientele for a while. Taylor has been listening to Prince, Amy Winehouse and OFF! Conner has been into King Krule and this rad Little Rock emo band called Nouns. I’ve been really into this hardcore band called Glue from Austin, TX who is about to release a self titled 7inch. Otherwise I’ve been listening to Death Grips and “Altar” by Sunn & Boris.
What are some of the 1st songs you remember listening to that made you
say, that’s what I want to do?
Cole: Listening to Modern Life is War’s “Witness,” and watching Iggy’s stage performance made me wanna do vocals.

We haven’t yet toured and don’t plan to for a while, but we all skateboard and we’re all photographers. Conner and Taylor both have other bands. Taylor’s band The Leave Me Be’s tours every now and again.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us is to have fun and do what you want.

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