The Bands of Gonerfest 12. Meet – The Sheiks


Our kickoff to the bands of Gonerfest 12..The Sheiks.

What I dig about The Sheiks and Gonerfest is that this is no bullshit music. Punk, Garage punk , in your face rawk, a little screaming , a little insanity all of this and more awaits you at Gonerfest 12. Over the years Goner Records has brought us some of the best music has to offer. From Nobunny, Toy Love, Reatards, Ty Segall to NOTS and Ex-Cult and AAAA New Memphis Legs ,and many more, Goner Records has come to exemplify the very best. There are countless labels out there some with festivals highlighting their artist but there is only one Goner Records and there is only one Gonerfest. In the upcoming weeks, we will feature the bands of Gonerfest 12 and hopefully all of you will want to give a listen because Goner Records knows how to pick bands. The “Meet the Bands” gives you a little glimpse of how crazy fun The Sheiks are…give a listen

Can you give us a little history of the band….

We (Graham Winchester, Frank McLallen, Keith Cooper) all started playing together about 8 to 10 years ago. We’ve been in multiple bands, but we really started out playing in the juke joints of North Mississippi before we were old enough to get into a bar in Memphis. We would back up the likes of R.L. Burnside’s and Junior Kimbrough’s kids in all these clubs around Holly Springs, especially Disco 9000. That was all fun and good until the owner got shot in the face at the entrance to the club.

You’re very well connected to all things Memphis, just how cool is your City?

Memphis is an amazing city. A Rock + Roll town. Always has been. Everybody seems to be playing an instrument/in a band. We all play with alot of different folks and everybody seems to support what everyone else is doing. Very concentrated and very tight knit.

Do you stop by roadside attractions if you see it on a billboard while on the road? If so what have you seen?

We try to if we’re not running late. Saw a giant statue of a crow in Ravenden, Missouri. And a giant peanut in France.

If you could get rid of one State in the US., which would it be and why?

West Virginia. A friend of ours was driving through there on the way to NYC. He said the inhabitants looked like they descended from mice. Can’t trust that.

Craziest story you can tell us about touring with Jack Oblivion..

In Europe, we were really into Tequila and Snuff. Also, in The Netherlands, our merch guy was force fed ecstasy and wine at 8am by a woman in S+M gear.

What songs do you remember most from your childhood?

Anything coming out of Mrs. Gearldine’s car – Keith

60’s Batman Theme – Frank

Fondest memories of past Gonerfests…..

Rolling up playing in our buddies’ truck at Murphy’s day show during Gonerfest 10

What are you looking forward to the most when you think about Gonerfest 12….

Actually playing an official show, because our friend with the truck moved to Rockaway Beach.

Who are some of your favorite new Bands ….

Hash Redactor, Aquarian Blood, Lust For Youth, Malt Licky, Natural Child, Golden Pelicans, Giorgio Murderer, and the H.O.H. Cassette from ’95.

Marvel or DC?


any last words of wisdom for you fans?

“Make sure everyone gets to see the cake.” – Hyman Roth

released 06 August 2015

The Sheiks:

Gonerdest 12:

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