The Bands of Gonerfest 12 – Meet Aquarian Blood


Memphis Punk! Turn it up .

Aquarian Blood plays next Thursday Night…
Doors 8pm
Night Show @ Hi Tone
Gonerfest 12 / Schedule and Tickets
Goner Records

History of the band –

Most of us met and bonded during a three month stint camped out illegally on B.L.M. lands in SW New Mexico while being psychologically manipulated by a megalomaniacal acid fascist who is a self-described “flower punk” (wtf?) calling himself Cosmo and is a known petty thief and suspected rapist.

Bands we’re influenced by –

Geza X and the Mommymen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimmy Smack, the good shit

Roadside attractions

Lambert’s Throwed Rolls – tossin dough like an o.g. (RIP Ricky Lambert)

Craziest story about touring –

Bill’s stink nap behind the McDonald’s on St. Claude in New Orleans. Or the punch-up the nite before at Bud Rips that precipitated said stink nap.

Albums on rotation in high school –

“Locust Abortion Technician” and “Surfin’ M.O.D”

Looking forward to most about Gonerfest 12 –

Life, Love, and Regret

Favorite new bands –

Hash Redactor, Vatican Dagger, Savoy Motel, and anyone project featuring Justin Edward

Plans for 2015/2016 –

Keep ballin, makin records, shreddin the live gig circuit, you know…

a few more tracks:

Aquarian Blood:

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