“The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart” …

* This documentary ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart’ about Don Van Vliet (born January 15, 1941 in Glendale, California – passed away December 17, 2010 from complications with multiple sclerosis) was originally filmed in ’93 by the BBC for their Late Show series, but had no chance to air because some time later the show was abruptly canceled.
* Luckily, it was resurrected and for the first time broadcast in ’97, as part of the BBC’s “Rock Cults” series. The late, legendary British Dj John Peel and lifetime Beefheart fan is the narrator of this documentary.
* With focus, it shows how Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band succeeded in deconstructing blues to its most primitive elements, and from that seed growing something new, weird, and definitely entertaining. His music blended rock, blues and psychedelia with avant-garde and contemporary experimental composition.
* Most of the Interviewees are great names and musicians who worked with Van Vliet: childhood friend and musical partner Frank Zappa / Jimmy Carl Black (original drummer for Zappa who reveils how the relationship between Frank and Don ended) / former Magic Band musicians / Ry Cooder and many others…

Now, all you devoted Blues ‘n Rock fans, gather for this intriguing, historical document about a weird, multi-talented and very influential artist known as ‘Captain Beefheart’ …

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