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richhands The Rich Hands are a three piece rock-n-roll outfit hailing from San Antonio, TX. High School friends that bonded over a  love for 50’s… rock n roll and 60’s pop. These boys might be channeling the greats of a time way before they were born but they pump out soulful blues filled stomps so good that would make a classic Detroit assembly line jealous. This is the real deal. – Fountain Records

Tell me how you all met, what age were you guys.. what where some of your 1st songs, how did you settle on your name…. The Rich Hands.

We were mutual friends that wanted to play music. We just started jamming together and ended up where were at. Man, I don’t remember our first songs. We probably wrote over 50 songs since being a band and we probably kept half of em. Cody pretty much randomly selected names. Nothing crazy.

Tell us about your individual influences, 1st concerts, albums played around the house .

Cody: individual influences are black sabbath and anything from the 70’s. that was a good decade. 1st concert was sabbath. I usually play 70’s rock around the house. I love the 70’s. Matt: my individual influences are Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. My first concert was van halen. I usually jam Zepplin 4, bad company, band on the run, and the beatles in my house.

Nick: my individual influences range from the Beatles, to 50’s pop, 60’s psychedelic, and early garage. I don’t really remember my first concert. I usually play a lot of the new records I buy. Lately it’s been the new dead ghost lp. Super good.
How did you get your record deal with Fountain Records, and what’s it like touring the country,  what are some of your favorite places to play and some of your favorite fan moments.
Fountain followed me(nick) on twitter and I just sent him something through Facebook and that was that. He told us to send him our demo and after that the rest is history. He put out every vinyl to date.
It’s super fun touring. Probably the best part of being in a band. You play your music in front of people, you wake up somewhere different everyday, and you’re with your best friends. It’s perfect.

Cody: Atlanta, Boise, Southern California, Nashville.
Matt: Atlanta, Spokane, Austin, Tulsa, Nashville.
Atlanta, Southern California, Austin, Tulsa, Detroit, Boise, Jacksonville, Nashville.
Cody : that is hard! I just like when people have really positive stuff to say about the band. Feels really good that people appreciate our music.

Matt: when this fan drove over two hours to see us in Columbus. That was wild.

Nick: we had a guy send us a message over fb asking us to send him our new record for his wife’s anniversary present. He wanted us to sign it and everything. That was really rad. We hooked him up!
What does success look like to you in 2013/2014, talk to us about the making of your 1st album and what are your thoughts for a follow-up .
Success to us is being able to keep putting music out. Hopefully touring a few more times, playing CMJ, sxsw, and a few other festivals.

Our first album was fun to record with did it with our bud from Austin Travis. He has a home studio and we tracked and mixed there. It took a while since we were on the road for a good while but we had a deadline in march to finish and we did. Took two very long days but we are proud of the end product. As for a follow-up. We are looking to record our new album in December! It’s going to be fun! Success to us is being able to keep putting music out. Hopefully touring a few more times, playing CMJ, sxsw, and a few other festivals.

  What do you miss the  most about home while your on the road.
Cody: My girl, my dogs, and my bed.
  Matt: my woman, my bed, and free food.
Nick: my girlfriend and Mexican food.
Interview made by Scott Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013
Have a listen to a few of the songs from Dreamers…Don’t forget to buy the Vinyl and if these guys are ever playing anywhere around you…go see them…
The Rich Hands-Tease (Pretty Pretty Please) Tease (Pretty Pretty Please)

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