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I first heard of Abjects a few weeks ago from our friends at Girlsville Records. Abjects will appear on ‘Stupid Punk Boy’ a compilation by Girlsville Records that will be released on Cassette Store Day 2015 (October 17th). Abjects rock, they totally kick ass and I’ve listened to these songs pretty much non-stop for the last few weeks. Enough from me….

Can you give us a little back-history of the band, how you all met , decided to start a band .
Abjects started as a bedroom project, my first attempt at writing songs. As I had no idea how to start I just set myself the task of writing a song each day after work, before dinner time. No song, no dinner, haha! The result were a series of very simple tracks but that exercise just got the ball rolling. When I had a few of those I wasn’t too embarrassed to show I called Yuki up and asked her if she wanted to get involved. She had never played bass before, but she picked up really quickly and very soon she started giving me lots of great ideas on how to improve the tracks. Matt joined on drums temporarily until we met Alice. She was promoting gigs at Paper Dress (a vintage shop in Shoreditch) and had booked us to play. When Matt had to leave we called her up. She joined a few weeks before we went on tour with PINS and did a great job at learning all the songs so quickly.

Who are some Bands that have inspired you to rock ‘n’ roll….

I got into music through Nirvana. Before then I was the typical teenager into pop boy bands and reading girly magazines. One day a friend passed me a mixed tape her older brother had burned for her and that changed my life. There were songs by Nirvana, Guns’n’Roses and Skid Row. I didn’t really care much about Guns’n’Roses and Skid Row, but Nirvana’s sound did open my eyes and ears! I started dressing differently and changed my circle of friends. Thanks to them I discovered bands like Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, PJ Harvey, Stereolab, Can, Neu!, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Link Ray, The Cramps and a big etc. Later on I started getting into Garage Rock. I love The Chocolate Watchband, The Standells, The Remains, The Sonics, etc. Punk also had a huge influence on me. I’m a huge fan of the first Redd Kross album ‘Born Innocent’ (I think it’s just perfect), The Saints, Swell Maps, The Slits, The Damned, Pylon, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, Teenage Jerks…

How did your relationship with Stolen Body Records come about and whats it like to be working with them.
It’s great! We first came across them through Fruit Tones. I had bought their 7″ on Stolen Body and I loved the artwork and the colour vinyl. They put us in touch with Al. We sent him few songs and he liked them. The whole process of putting the EP out was a bit of a race against time though. We had an european tour booked for a couple of months later and the queues at pressing plants were (if you’re lucky) of minimum 2 months. Al was a life saver and worked really hard for the record to arrive in time and looking great! We received the records in Berlin the same date our tour started and it was really exciting to open up the boxes and realise we’ve made it.

Can you tell us about any plans for touring and working on an Album.
Our plan is to record an album by the end of this year or beginning of next. Now that we’ve toured Japan and Europe our big ambition is to go to the US.

Do you have a “sound” that you’re all striving for or is that something that you don’t even think about.
Uhmmm… Not initially, but our sound has been evolving from the beginning to what we’ve got now. It’s been a process of trial and error more than a conscious decision. The basic premises behind the band’s ethos are that the music should be raw, fun and honest and I guess that reflects in the sound.

Any Bands out there besides “Abjects” that we should be tuning in to.

Yes! From Manchester were into Fruit Tones, Duds, PINS, Brown Brogues, Denim & Leather, The Pink Teens or The Foetals. From Cornwall we like The Black Tambourines, Red Cords, Lost Dawn… From Sheffield Avida Dollars or Best Friends. From London we love Sauna Youth, Slowcoaches, Feature, Thee Kneecaps, Dead Coast, Slim Customers, The Fat White Family… The UK does have an active and very fertile music scene!

How did the “beat” evolve in the song “Gone” pretty cool stuff, did the person of interest in the song , ever comment on it to you...
I don’t think he knows it’s about him. haha! The inspiration to the lyrics came from a text message received from an ex at 5am. He wanted to apologise to me 3 years after we had split up. Apparently he just had had an epiphany about some of the things he had done wrong. Too little too late.
The riff and the beat just came along as most of Abjects songs do, from a very simple chord progression. Then we worked together in the studio, each one adding their parts and working in the harmonies and arrangements.

Can you tell us about the 1st Album that you ever listened to that mad you say ” that’s what I want to do”
Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ got me into rock’n’roll, but it was Kim Gordon on ‘Kool Thing’ that gave me the idea that singing is something I can do.

you played with “The Gories” back in July, what was that experience like
Unreal. It is really strange when you’ve been following a band for years, collected their records and then suddenly you’re sharing stage with them. They were also very kind to us!

any plans for a tour of North America?
Yes, we wanna!!! Someone take us there pleaaaase. We’d love to go to SXSW next year and make the trip a bit of a US and Mexican tour. We just need to work out if we’ll have the album ready in time, but if not we’ll do it later in the year. It’s gonna happen. It has to!

and just in case you haven’t listened to Abjects yet, lets take care of that now..

Stolen Body Records

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