Texas Garage Bands of the Sixties: The Bad Seeds

The Bad Seeds

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you to The Bad Seeds. Whenever I mention this band, someone tries to correct me and say, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds? No, my dear friend. The Bad Seeds were a garage rock band from Corpus Christi, Texas. They were formed in 1964 and disbanded in 1966.

The band’s line-up consisted of guitarist-singer Mike Taylor and bassist Henry Edgington (formerly of the Four Winds), guitarist-singer Rod Prince and drummer Bobby Donaho (both formerly of the Titans). The band gained a regional popularity quickly and performed for the Corpus Christi television show Teen Time. In their short lived time, they recorded 2 singles, first one being “A Taste of the Same/I’m a King Bee” and the other “All Night Long/Sick and Tired”.

After disbanding in 1966, Taylor went on to produce for another Corpus Christi band Zakary Thaks. Prince went on the form the psychedelic rock band Bubble Puppy. I will leave you with their single “All Night Long”. Bonus: video is made by me. Cheers!

Side note: there was another band called The Bad Seeds from Kilgore, Texas from the same era.

All Night Long by The Bad Seeds

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