Texas Garage Bands of the Sixties: The Actioneers


Hi y’all. Here we are with another Texas band of the sixties, The Actioneers. The band recorded their only existing 45 in Huey Meaux’s Recording Service Studios in Pasadena, Texas in 1965. And both tunes were written by Ray Gilburn.

“It’s You” is an excellent number because it is as “raw” as it can be and just makes you want to dance. Since it has no breaks from start till the end, it just gets to you and you can’t get enough of it. “No One Wants Me” is as moody as it gets and the vocals even makes it so real that you can tell he feels it! But the tune itself is pretty upbeat with tom toms catching your ears and yet makes you want to move as well. The both of the songs have been included on several garage compilation albums like Teenage Shutdown and Wyld Sydes.

I now let you hear the tunes and see if they make you move or not! Cheers!

It’s You

No One Wants Me

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