“50thirdand3rd always seems to have its ear to the ground, connecting with incredibly great bands (most of which you’ve never heard of yet) and asking them interesting questions rather than the same old drivel”

“50thirdand3rd work tirelessly at promoting the best of what’s out there that you may have never heard before. Not only are they spotlighting the lesser known bands and videos, they are spotlighting the DIY indie labels that are making it all happen. I appreciate the enthusiasm they project and look forward to finding new music each and every day.”

“50thirdand3rd is a blog run by hard-working and open-minded individuals, willing to jump at a chance to help an artist or label of any size at a moment’s notice. Focused more on providing content-dense material than the superficial bells-and-whistles, you know someone’s a true rock fan if they keep up with 50thirdand3rd.”