“50thirdandthird provides original commentary and interviews with bands and provides a great service to anyone looking for fresh, interesting sounds. That shouldn’t be rare on the internet, but in an age of cut-and-paste journalism, believe me, it is.”

– Eric

“From the perspective of a truly DIY bedroom label or band, 50thirdand3rd is invaluable because they are fans and writers who are accessible without the aid of sometimes prohibitively expensive P.R.
If you cut the mustard, they are always listening. You don’t have to craft a milquetoast message for corporate overlords, and you can be pretty far-out sounding as well.
Additionally, when I think I’ve discovered some shit-hot band I often realize 50third is already on the scent.”

“50thirdand3rd is the first place I check for the newest, coolest bands. And they don’t just repost articles from other sites or simply put up links to sound clips, they have real interviews and actual opinions–and impeccable taste. Dig in, don’t miss out.”

From the perspective of the incessant need to discover music new and old to help fill a 3-hour weekly radio show, 50THIRDAND3RD is a dang reference library! There ain’t another site on the interwebs that even comes close to 50THIRD. It’s all about writers simply writing about what their greatest passion; music. No bad reviews, no negativity, just an undying support of independent, underground, or counterculture music. These days, that sort of unconditional support is few and far between. Keeping independent music burning in this day and age is of the utmost importance, and 50THIRDAND3RD are definitely the ones fanning the flames.

“50thirdand3rd’s mission statement is “Written by music junkies for music junkies”, and their constant updates and coverage of all sorts of genres drives this home – a psychedelic ’record of the day’ in the morning, a punk rock ‘video of the day’ in the afternoon, and an interview with a folk musician at night is a testament to the one thing that seems to matter to these guys n’ girls – great music, pure and simple.”

“Weirdos need friends too, and thankfully for all the hot freaks making music today, 50thirdand3rd has been a home away from home for underground rock in need of a couch to crash on. We’re happy whenever we get a chance to stop by—but sorry about the mess, guys.”

– Nate Rogers

“50thirdand3rd is a brilliant blog which gives exposure to new and often unknown artists , they always feature the very best up and coming garage and rock n roll bands and obviously have great taste – they supported us from the very beginning! Cheers guys.”

– Becca

“50thirdand3rd where music still feels as exciting as 77′ everyday!”


“50thirdand3rd knows how to pick up the best bands around. A great source of info on what’s happening these days!”