Teenage Head: Original Canadian Punks

If these guys had been from New York instead of Ontario, Canada they would have been huge. They get my respect by just naming their band after a Flamin’ Groovies classic. I wouldn’t classify these guys as strictly “punk”, because you can tell they had actually listened to music BEFORE the New York Dolls or The Stooges. You can hear the influences on their 1979 debut self titled album. These guys must have worn out plenty of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Little Richard records. This is some high energy stuff, poorly produced but great nonetheless. If you can’t groove to “Picture my Face”, “Curtain Jumper” or “Ain’t Got No Sense” then you better go purchase some more Coldplay tracks from iTunes and slowly let your soul drown in the Abyss.
I absolutely think these guys could have been on the same field as the Ramones, but Canada didn’t quite have the punk movement that NYC had in the late 1970’s, a shame…..they coulda’ been contenders.


Ain’t Got No Sense

Picture My Face

Teenage Head Website

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